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When is a Good Time to Buy and Sell Real Estate in Hawaii?

When is a good time to buy and sell real estate? When you have some money, a job, and good FICO score.

Good time to reach up and grab some value at a lower price.

Right now is a great time to reach up and get a greater property and value, due to the economic slowdown, similar to 2008! It will take years of a slow worldwide economy for things to get better for some. Some people who make a plan to win will cross the finish line first. Many people are overextended, out of a job, depleted savings, and have chewed their nails down to the skin and almost bleeding. When selling is difficult, buying is easy, but you need to have patience. Time is the worst enemy of the people who have overextended, patience is a virtue.

The more expensive the home, the better value you can end up with. In Hawaii, prices are high like most in the world, and oceanfront is slowly becoming affordable if bought at the right price. I never thought I’d ever own a house, live on the ocean and have money in the bank, and I do, I mean I have, many times.

Every time I sell our house, my wife cries, people wonder why, then I get a better home at a better price, then they understand it. I have NEVER gone backward in my residence. I’m trying not to brag, but alerting people of the possibility sounds that way. No, it’s not easy, and it’s not hard either if you have a vision and flexible plan. There’s no changing what’s going to happen in the future, so you need the ability to plan, identify the opportunity, and move on the changes that concur.

Watch and listen to people who have succeeded. Everyone has an opinion; you need to listen to the doers not the sayers. I’ve found successful people are happy to share their secrets, should you listen, not argue.

About Rob Burns

Over 40 years, I have learned the rhythm of the Hawaiian real estate market. You have about 4-6 times of great opportunity to buy houses at lower and affordable prices. You can ride the market up in a nicer home than previously lived in while the value increases. If you follow the simple rules of life, you too can win. Buy low, sell high, and timing, timing, timing, is as important as location, location, location.

Take the time to study this theory from someone who has done this, I’m happy to explain the idiosyncrasies of this idea that has worked for me and many people that have mastered the Hawaiian real estate market.

If you’re interested in my life’s real estate’s short story, read on.

I never thought I’d own a house, have any money saved. I was comfortable just shaping surfboards. I was a normal Hawaiian who went to public school, excelled in PE and barely made it through the school system. I love to surf, play tennis, play Hawaiian music and paddle Hawaiian canoes. I started shaping so I could surf, then for my hero who was a shaper and partner in world renown LIGHTNING BOLT surfboards. That was charismatic Pipeline Master, Gerry Lopez. He taught me more than he’ll ever know about shaping, attitude and lifestyle. Gerry loved to play and everyone wanted to play with Gerry. He was very good at it and rarely worked. I was intrigued and used his theory in my real estate career after selling my surf company Local Motion.

I work and play hard and am always thinking, watching and learning. Call me if you’d like to play sometime, and enjoy the ride.

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Mark Rosenberg

May 7, 2020

Nice post Rob. There’s a lot of wisdom here. And yes! I would like to know more about the rhythm of the Hawaii Real Estate Market. That is a fascinating theme.

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