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In 2018, Hawaii Life launched a Conservation and Legacy Lands initiative to help strike a balance between development and conservation in our state. Honoring the beautiful places where we live, work and play is part of our kuleana – a responsibility of environmental and cultural stewardship we take seriously. Please view this video to learn more about the genesis of this crucial effort, which is a natural progression of our long-standing commitment to conservation


Conservation and Legacy Lands refers to a specialized area of real estate practice as well as a category of property with environmental, ecological or cultural conservation values (or sometimes all of these). These are properties that should either remain entirely undeveloped or whose unique values present a need for conservation through highly sensitive development.

The first goal of Hawaii Life’s Conservation and Legacy Lands initiative is to generate awareness of the role that conservation plays in Hawaii’s future, given our unique geographical location and limited land. The initiative was launched to further conservation efforts across Hawaii by leveraging our considerable and wide-reaching platform.

In addition to listing these unique properties, we are here to generate and expand a pool of committed buyers and donors for conservation properties in Hawaii, and to represent these clients in their conservation efforts.

Hawaii Lifeʻs Conservation and Legacy Lands initiative serves our clients by identifying and gathering information about suitable properties across the state, educating our brokers and agents, and refining best practices for brokering and marketing properties suitable for conservation.

Our clients, agents and brokers will benefit from the specialized knowledge and experience of the Director of Conservation and Legacy Lands, Beth Thoma Robinson.

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Hawaii Life reports on Conservation and Legacy Lands through our blog to provide information and resources for your benefit:

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The Hawaii Life Conservation and Legacy Lands Guidebook

By sharing our valuable knowledge and through our relationships with conservation organizations both locally and nationally, Hawaii Life can help owners of significant historic properties or agricultural holdings, conservation listings and legacy lands to identify appropriate stewardship buyers or conservation strategies for their property.

What Are Conservation and Legacy Lands?
What Are Hawaii Life’s Services in This Area of Expertise?
Who Leads This Effort at Hawaii Life?
Can I Nominate a Conservation Listing That Is Not a Hawaii Life Listing?
Are the properties shown all that are available?
Which Other Key Stakeholders Are Involved?
How Is the State of Hawaii Involved?
In What Other Ways Is the Government Involved?
Conservation and Legacy Lands Resources (Links)

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