How to Keep Calm Through the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us and, as usual, I still think it’s summer. Remaining calm throughout the holiday season can be an arduous event. Harmony is what we strive for but for some families, currents of negative emotions infuse to form the perfect storm. I’m going to share my techniques for maintaining calm throughout the holiday madness. The process is quite simple on paper, so having a game plan is imperative before you flip your lid.

The ocean is my happy place where tranquility collides with joy to radiate love. I developed the acronym S.E.A. to keep calm through the holidays. sacred expedition acceptance



Your emotions are sacred and an indicator of what’s happening around you that can trigger unwanted feelings stored from the past. Being sacred to yourself is dedicating quiet time for you to enjoy uninterrupted silence so the mind can stay in a state of calmness. Removing yourself from a negative conversation and allowing yourself to sit in silence for 5 minutes or longer can maintain calm. Focus on your breath and exhale negativity and inhale positive energy. This is an exercise of the mind to create mindfulness of your breath and release the tensions you have stored within your body. snokeling under the sea


An expedition is a journey for a specific purpose. The purpose of our expedition is to keep the mind and body in a state of calm. A family walk on the beach, in the mountains, or in your neighborhood is a great way to get the body moving and release endorphins. If you have a family member who talks more than others, take them snorkeling. Being immersed in the ocean has a calming effect plus it’s hard to speak with a snorkel in your mouth. Activities are a great way to keep everyone active and engaged.

merry christmas written in the sand


Acceptance is a key element to maintaining calm in any situation. Accepting people for who they are is quite challenging, especially when we have a long history with them. The holidays tend to make us time travelers. We’re able to go back, 10-20 years in a flash. Often times when we flash back, negative emotions arise. I challenge you to accept everyone for who they are in the present. Negative associations of the past are the fastest way to an unpleasant holiday.

We’re all humans in the SEA of life, take the time to listen to one another. Giving gratitude for our time together will induce a smile and a hug. At the moment you feel edgy, step away and honor your sacred self. You can literally jump into the SEA or use the acronym to maintain calm through the holidays.

Wishing you a blessed holiday season.

“The greatest gift in life, is the life you choose to live”



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Mark Roberts

December 19, 2021

This is a most welcome bit of advice for what is ‘supposed’ to be the most welcome season. S.E.A. for our mental Christmas stocking. A holiday blessing for sure.

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