Blake Hill


Blake has been a member of the West Maui community for 16 years. He began his professional career working in the movie business while managing his own vacation rental properties, apartment building and investments.

But if you ask him his greatest accomplishment in life, he would say his role as dad. Once his children were born he chose to quit the movie business and focus on his kids. This was truly an amazing time in his life and one he will be forever grateful for.

Blake has written an epic spiritual adventure novel based on his life journey, "Westfalia" and is Executive Producer of a documentary, “What is Money.”

There’s an adventurous spirit that lives within his soul. He’s an avid surfer, snow boarder, pilot and motorcycle rider. He’s surfed around the world with his son, danced in many TikToks with his daughter. His motorcycle rides have taken him through blizzards, tornadoes, and across the arctic circle. It’s his vast life experience that has given him the emotional tools for staying calm under pressure, completing the task at hand, focusing on the details, while providing superior service to his clients.

If you are considering buying or selling a Maui home, please allow Blake to use his real estate experience along with the power of Hawaii Life network and Forbes Global Properties affiliation for your maximum benefit. You can expect confidentiality and efficiency to serve your real estate needs.

He believes in the power to dream, all the while setting intentions for happiness and success. What does your Hawai’i Life look like?

Connect with Blake today and he’ll help guide the way.

Blake is truly grateful to be a part of the Hawai’i Life Ohana.


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