The Unseen Energy of Kauai

"Wailua River Valley, where I used to play" ........ Brudda IZ

The unseen energy that some call Feng Shui,,,,

Have you ever walked into a beautiful house and instantly felt at home? Some homes give you the feeling that you could move right in and just have a wonderful life? A Place you would like to stay forever.

Conversely, have you ever walked into a beautiful house and sensed that something is missing or wrong? Sometimes even in a beautifully decorated home with the amazing attention to details you have a feeling of uneasiness, or discomfort. Sometimes the house gives you the feeling that you just want to be somewhere else.

I think we have all felt both sensations on one level or another and while not always easy to understand or identify they are can both be attributed to the way the “Unseen Energy” moves in and around a home a person and a place.

There are many names for this but for now we are going to call it Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the study of the unseen energy that affects us all whether we understand or believe in it or not. Some say they don’t believe in Feng Shui, but you don’t have to believe in it to be affected by it…….just like gravity.

Everyplace has a unique energy pattern and has a different affect on different people, and that is why some of us have that favorite chair in the Den, or at the dining table. This is a result of your natural “compass”

Some people are much more connected to their inner compass than others and you will know them by observing that they always know which way to turn when no one else seems to know. They may not be aware of why that is, they may call it a “good sense of direction” but what it really is…., is their natural compass.

We all have a unique energy of our own, and when combining that with our homes energy, the energy from the place in which we live, and the energy from all the people we work and play with there can be some amazing results.

Understanding how this energy affects us is as important as having the awareness that it does. Knowing that special place that makes you feel alive and invigorated, or that color that always seems to make you feel “good”, or that person that no matter what you do when you are with them, you are content and energized.

These are all example of how the “Unseen energy” affects you whether you believe in it or not.

Kauai is that “feel good” place for me and I knew it the day I stepped off the plane for my first visit in 1995. I didn’t know why then but I know why now and

Kauai has been a great teacher to me as it has to so many others. There are lots of beautiful places on the planet but Kauai has some “magic” that others don’t and those that have the awareness know that is true.

Never mind that Kauai is beautiful beyond belief, the flowers and fauna……. phenomenal, the Rainbows………so many of them, the Clear Blue Ocean…………….. surrounding us, the history………………enchanting, Kauai is a place on the planet that is one amazing example of how the “unseen energy “ affects all who come to visit or choose to live here.

When I wake every morning overlooking the “Valley of the Kings” I FEEL the “Unseen Energy” that Kauai offers.

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