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I’d Love to Sell… But Where Would I Go?!

A common refrain I’m hearing from people in the community goes a little something like this, “I’d love to put my home on the market; we’d make a killing! But where would we go?”

Perhaps you can relate to this uncertainty as you’ve watched homes in your neighborhood sell for prices unheard-of even 6 months ago.

The most common response to uncertainty is to freeze. Makes sense — if you’re uncertain as to what is around the corner, why would you run headlong into the unknown? In order to protect from the unknown, we humans tend to stay put and wait until a clearer path emerges.

But there is an oft-overlooked, critical step that many fail to take.

Seek Counsel

There is a Hebrew proverb that says, “Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.” When I’m in conversation with folks in my community, I see this play out with great frequency. They see the opportunity and have the desire to make a move, but rather than seeking counsel from a trusted advisor they base their decision on assumptions, anecdotal evidence, and their own experience. As a result, some miss out on opportunities available.

Change is the Only Constant

Einstein once said, “In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity.” I find this to be very true in the cyclical world of real estate. Markets are constantly in flux and life is ever-evolving; therefore, the need for quality advice and counsel is vital to take advantage of the opportunities present in any market.

If you’ve found yourself thinking, “I’d love to make a move, but…” I encourage you to reach out and gather information from professionals who can offer data, along with perspective and analysis on the market and your situation. Talk with a Realtor who can generate a Comparative Market Analysis on your home and offer insight into what the market is doing right now. Have a pre-purchase consultation with a lender where you can discuss financing strategies, build a budget, and discuss interest rate activity/forecasts. Sit down with your financial advisor to discuss your overall wealth-building strategies.

You may find that this truly isn’t the best time to make a move, which is great! At least now you’ve equipped and empowered yourself with knowledge. For others, you just might uncover an excellent opportunity to move forward and realize a dream.

Want to Know More?

I’m blessed to have a great network of servant-hearted professionals that can offer excellent information and counsel. I would be honored to make that connection.

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