Maui Vacation Rentals: 5 Things You Need, Don’t Need

Having owned and operated a Maui Vacation Rentals cleaning business in South Kihei, and West Maui for 7 years I gained some inside knowledge on what is best to have in your Maui Vacation Rentals and what you don’t need.

Need: A list specifically with the names of companies closest to the rental unit where guests can rent snorkel gear, boogie boards, beach balls, shovels and buckets for the kids, flotation devices, and anything you can think of a guest might need that you won’t have to clutter your rental with. Try to inform your guests that you provide this information so that they don’t purchase these items and leave them in the rental. Providing these types of items creates a cleanliness issue. Either you need to pay your cleaner extra to deal with them appropriately by cleaning off sand and checking they are not broken or you leave it up to the guests to clean and report any issues after use. Both situations just create more headaches than you need, especially if you’re an off island owner or do not have a reliable property manager.

Don’t need: Boogie boards, kids toys, beach balls, snorkel gear, and paddle boards. The sand that is collected on these items is enough to avoid purchasing them for your guests use.

Need: Solid surface flooring. The beach sand, spilled drinks, sunscreen, and food stains are enough to cause expense each year to have your carpets cleaned. Plus, if the stains and issues are not reported to you the next guest will be complaining.

Don’t need: Carpet. No matter what you do to remind your guests that there is a shower to wash the sand off of them and their things at almost every beach on Maui, they will still bring sand into the unit. Try small, machine washable throw rugs instead. Set them on each side of the beds and in front of the bathroom sink and that should be enough. Plus you can avoid those carpet cleaning costs.

Need: Board games and other engaging activities for the guests to enjoy together as couples or as a family.

Don’t need: Video game console. There is plenty to do on Maui rather than playing video games. Trust me, the amount of times you will be hearing complaints of missing remotes, broken remotes will sway you away from it.

Need: Welcoming notebook containing lists of restaurants, activities companies, transportation companies, etc. Yes, everyone has Google and a smartphone, but guests like recommendations and to spend as little time searching for options as possible. They will appreciate the best locations to visit during their stay.

Don’t need: Stacks of brochures, menus, discount magazines, etc. These will pile up in your unit and cause clutter.

Need: Secure and strong wifi and cable connection. When your guests do want to plug in or relax for a show, they don’t want to deal with poor cable and wifi connections. Make sure you get your cable company to run a check on your system and fix any problems you have. People do not want to waste their time trying to figure out the cable or why the internet doesn’t work so get yourself a quality router. If you have a property manager, have them put the service in their name so they don’t have to wait for you to call and troubleshoot from a distance. Your property manager will be happy to run the billing through them.

Don’t need: Cheap, unreliable routers and outdated cable boxes!

Please let me know if you would like more ideas and suggestions to have a seamless vacation rental.

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