Maui Life is Good

I was driving behind a Jeep on Piilani Highway yesterday, whose bumper sticker read “Life is Good,” my thoughts immediately went to something more County-specific, “Maui Life is Good!”

Now, granted, not all days are good wherever you may be but as a friend once told me, you don’t have good days or bad days, you have moments! How much more manageable is that concept! I determined then I would no longer clump a bad moment in to a day but rather pad the day with better moments and bright and grateful thoughts.

perfect day on maui

Having dinner with clients earlier in the week, they remarked that I was still taking photos of sunsets and flowers after 22 years of living here. I admit to being in child-like wonder at the masterpiece afforded each day. Any visitor to the islands can attest that their personal photographs could make up a most splendid coffee table book. I could open a library for the coffee table books that my Maui photos amount to over the years!

Recently, I had the privilege of visiting a home on the south shore where its owners had collected sand from beaches of the world in jars that they’d labeled. There was an entire shelf devoted to beaches of Hawaii. Had I done the same with the intended coffee table book collection I too would have shelves stacked full of art, not by my photographic skills by any means, but by God’s hand in every sunset here, each ripple and crash of the waves, the fanning fronds of a palm tree, petals of plumeria and footprints in the sand along the shoreline.

footprints on the beach on maui

We all have our smartphones “at the ready” with traditional cameras made obsolete by today’s technology. Capturing the moment is nonetheless a pastime that won’t escape the generations as we grow ever more technologically inclined. What we might want to consider is to put the camera, or more aptly, the phone down, pause, inhale, and take in the moment, selfishly make it your own, a picture that will stay with you forever, to flash back to when coffee table books and camera phones are not at hand and where you can reflect upon, and own the moment again and again, to pad the not-so-good days with great “aloha” moments, as you put yourself back in the picture and smile, “Maui life is good!”

quiet maui beach

I love my Maui life. Feel free to visit my website if you would like to get to know me. It would be my pleasure to assist you in your search for a home or condo on Maui.

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