Avoid Wi-Fry – Work, Live, Sleep Better in the Electrified World

We live in a technological world; wi-fi and smart everything have arrived, and much more is on the way. If you’re like me and want to do everything you can to be healthy and happy, not just surviving but thriving, then you may want to know how to be tech-savvy in a high-tech world.


Learn how to lessen the affects of electromagnetic pollution

Some ways I have found to lessen the affects of electromagnetic pollution on myself and my family is to be more proactive with regards to this powerful, amazing technology. I installed a wi-fi router in my house that I can turn on or off easily. I also bought a router tamer so that when it is on it doesn’t spill all over the house. I hardwired my computer and my wife figured out how to hardwire our iPad and iPhone.

At night while we sleep, our nervous system, endocrine system, and all our systems recharge, regenerate, and rejuvenate. When we sleep with our electronic devices and our routers on, this can disrupt the recharging rejuvenation in our bodies. By turning off your electronic devices and routers while sleeping, you will give your body a much needed rest from electrified stimulation.

When you carry your iPhone in your pocket or purse near your body all day, this can disrupt the endocrine system and nervous system. After the sun goes down, one of our hormones called melatonin starts to increase. This hormone helps us to feel sleepy and helps our body/mind get ready for sleep. It also keeps our immune system strong. The computer or iPhone emit a blue light that blocks this hormone from activating at night. The blue light makes the mind think it’s still daytime.

One solution is to download F.lux on your computer or iPhone. This is a light that turns your screen to an amber color as dusk or dawn is coming. If you can’t download this app to your computer or iPhone, you can wear blue light blocking glasses. They are an amber-colored lens and work great too. You can get them on Amazon.

There are many ways to be tech-savvy in a high-tech world.

Want to Know More?

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Matt Slak

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