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What Shoes to Wear in Hawaii and When

When Should You Wear Shoes in Hawaii?

The question of what shoes to wear in Hawaii comes up often. We were at an open house recently with beautiful hardwood floors and we were required to put hospital operating room type booties on over our footwear. They required booties over bare feet also!

But at other times the host will say “oh — that’s OK, you can leave your shoes on.”

Say “thank you” then take your shoes off anyway when in Hawaii.

DON’T wear your shoes in the house in Hawaii, but DO wear your shoes in stores and restaurants, the office, the library, etc.

shelf full of shoes to wear in hawaii

What Shoes Should You Wear in Hawaii?

Using my shoes in the picture above:

  1. Brown and black on the floor — I almost never wear them and I got them out of closet just for the photo. Notice that they have no laces so they are easy to get on & off. I also have fancy ones with laces that I wore to my daughter’s wedding.
  2. Lowest shelf on right — These are the cheapest rubber slippers I could find. They have lasted a long time and I wear these ALOT! This has resulted in a very low cost per wear.
  3. Just above — my blue ultralight hiking/athletic shoes. These are for hiking, running, paragliding, etc.
  4. Top shelf on right — are my nicer slippers. I use these for going out to eat, date night with my wife, and for meetings with clients, going to open houses, etc.
  5. Top shelf next to my nicer slippers — are my sturdier sandals. These are used same as #3 above. I also use them for kayaking and hiking in streams, etc.

I won’t comment on my wife’s shoes. But same basic idea. If you have any questions about shoes or about selling/buying real estate on Maui give me a call!

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Fred S Chaldy

January 1, 2021

To begin with I’m never going to move to Hawaii although I did live on Oahu for just over 4 years and married a 19 lady who lived at Ewa Beach the family last name is or was Bagorio we had a son and that’s about all I can remember my name is Fred Chaldy and I am 86 years of my age, what a strange way that I just put that, I’m 86 years old

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