We Live Longer in Hawaii

There are lots of things to love about Hawaii, but did you know that living longer is one of them?

According to a recent article in “The Hill,” Hawaii residents,  on average, live the longest out of anyone else in the United States. It appears that Hawaii’s natural beauty, rich culture, and wonderful warm weather are not the only reasons why, “We’re lucky to live Hawaii.”

You might be surprised to learn that Hawaii has the second-lowest cardiovascular disease and cancer death rate in the country. Perhaps it’s due to our low smoking rate and relatively low rate of obesity. Or, maybe it’s because our warm weather allows Hawaii’s residents to spend a lot of time outdoors. Do you like to surf? Swim? Hike? Walk or jog? There is so much to do in Hawaii and we just tend to be more active here, which contributes to our overall good health. And, all our warm sunshine assures that our residents get lots of vitamin D, which also keeps us healthy. Our air quality might play a role in our state’s extended lifespan, too. We rank at the top when it comes to clean air!

Excellent Healthcare

The U.S. News and World Report deemed Hawaii the best state for health care, recently. According to the report, the Hawaii Healthcare Act assures that our residents get good medical insurance, plus we have great medical facilities, like Queen’s Health SystemStraub Medical Center, and Kaiser Permanente.

Happier in Hawaii

Quality healthcare, good insurance, and an active lifestyle all play a role in longevity. But, I think there may be another reason why people live longer in Hawaii. It’s just a theory, but I think Hawaii residents are generally happier than people living elsewhere. Maybe I’m biased, but it’s easy to be happier when you’re surrounded by so much beauty. Plus, our love and respect for ohana (care and devotion to all members of the human family), our strong social networks, our sense of spirituality, and our deep sense of gratitude for this place we call home all contribute to our happiness. Some studies show that optimism and happiness play a role in longevity. So, it stands to reason that if we’re more optimistic and happier living in Hawaii, that same optimism and happiness may extend our lives.

Why do we live longer in Hawaii? There may be lots of varied reasons, but suffice it to say that Hawaii’s rich culture, natural beauty, and year-round warm weather are no longer the only perks of the Aloha State. We get to live longer, too.

Lucky we live Hawaii!

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