Vintage Maui House – Five Offers in One Day!

The Scarcity Principle in Maui Real Estate

Take one look at that kitchen, and you can see why this house garnered multiple offers after being on the market for only one day. It’s another great example of the scarcity principle in economics. Essentially when there is very little of something available to be purchased, you will drive the price up. This house was so well preserved, you might have thought it had been cryogenically frozen sometime in the late 1950s. So what do you do as a buyer if you feel that you will be facing stiff competition from other buyers? Read on!

Top Strategies for Winning the Proverbial “Bidding War”

When properties that are this rare hit the market at attractive pricing, there will inevitably be many buyers looking to submit an offer. In this case, I represented the buyer and through a combination of the strategies below, we were able to secure this property successfully. Here are my top strategies for winning a multiple offer situation:

Be Financially Prepared

If you are a cash buyer, great. If you need financing, be sure you know what you can afford and make sure you are pre-qualified with a local lender so that you can submit supporting evidence with your offer.

Know The Market

Know the values and be prepared to submit an offer higher than the asking price. Work with a realtor who knows the market and who can deliver meaningful market data. Take a really close look at all the comps and develop a sense of value before submitting your offer.

Know What You Want

It sounds obvious, but you must know the kinds of houses that you want. If you are not sure about the property and or not excited about the property, it will be hard to convey any sense of conviction to the seller on your commitment to carry through.

Work with a Realtor Who is Experienced & Well-Liked

There is a misconception about effective negotiating that you have to be an A-hole to make things work. Quite the opposite — successful transactions are beneficial for buyer and seller. The old adage, “You catch more flies with honey,” applies to multiple offer situations as well. If a listing agent receives two offers that are essentially the same, and one of the buyers is represented by a competent, experienced Realtor and one by an aggressive, unpleasant Realtor, guess which offer will likely be accepted? A good Realtor understands that any negotiating efforts have to understand what sellers want and what buyers want. Sometimes there are non-financial benefits that are easy to add to a deal to lubricate it.

Frigidaire French Door Oven Steals the Show

Yes, it works. Although it features technology that confounds millennial home inspectors. The home inspection report claimed that the oven was not operable. But how could that be? So beautifully maintained, so clean, so untouched. Something’s awry. Turns out, after a quick fiddle with the timer on the clock, I discovered that you could program this oven to start cooking at a certain time. The timer system had been set, so the oven appeared not to get hot when turned on. Bingo! It works perfectly. It came then as no surprise that in a house this well maintained, there were immaculate original manuals from the appliances included in the sale. Take a look at the pictures below!

If you would like excellent representation for the purchase of vintage plantation houses on Maui, or any other property, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Beth Robinson

October 16, 2019

Iʻm still trying to figure out the point of the illustration on that manual. Itʻs a good thing to be on a merry-go-round with a ladle in your hand? Another great post, Liam, wish we had the same buyer pool here.


October 16, 2019

> lol. I think this person has some compulsive love of her new oven. She had promised some friends she would go with them to the county fair, but she couldn’t get the oven out of her mind and as a result kept the ladle with her as a token of good luck that she might one day return to her faithful oven. The way we might keep obsessively checking our iPhones today, she kept gripping desperately at the ladle hoping that she would soon be reunited with her one true love.

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