A Soft, But Strong Approach to Real Estate Negotiations

Someone once said that the softest things in the world overcome the hardest. That may or may not always ring true, but in the world of real estate, a soft and gentle approach to hard situations, transactions, and people, often wins the day.

A Softer Approach for Better Outcomes

We have transacted numerous real estate trades. We’ve represented thousands of buyers and sellers. What have we discovered? A softer approach can yield the best outcomes.

There is a lot of skill and finesse required to negotiate a successful real estate transaction. When it comes to artful negotiation, developing a rapport with the other agent goes a long way. So does finding common ground between parties. Rather than focusing all of our attention on winning, we look for ways to bridge differences. We achieve an optimum outcome for our clients without alienating the other parties in the transaction.

You may have heard the expression, “Go hard or go home.” Granted, it’s a catchy phrase, but going hard can harm relationships and sour the whole process. Being firm and tough (and hard) may get you what you want, but if you lose goodwill in the process, is it really the best approach? After all, your negotiation style has a tendency to influence behavior long after the initial negotiation. Starting off with an antagonistic, win-lose approach can lead to a transaction fraught with negativity and may ultimately result in less value overall.

Have a Collaborative and Cooperative Mindset

There is a lot to be said about having a collaborative and cooperative mindset throughout a real estate transaction. Things do come up post-closing and they are a lot easier to resolve if both the Seller and the Buyer have a mutual like and respect for one another. The same holds true for agents. Perhaps more so because our relationships with one another don’t end just because the transaction has closed.

Softer things may not always overcome hard things, but as negotiators, we’ve learned that a more principled, softer approach is very effective. Our goal is to reach a wise outcome efficiently and amicably. By separating the people from the problem, we can go hard on the problem while remaining soft toward the people.

One last thing: going softer does not mean weakness. It simply means that we don’t have to go hard to be effective. When we employ strategies based on market knowledge, good preparation, wisdom, respect for the other agent and party, and a sincere commitment to the client we represent, we aren’t weak. We’re strong. Effective. Successful. And, so are you.

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chris friese

July 7, 2022

Great article and good points in negotiating especially in these times where there is a lot of
unknown and potential insecurities. Thumbs up!

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