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People think of real estate as a sales profession and it is. But, when I think of my real estate business, I think of it as a practice. Much like the field of law, the more cases one does, the more experience and expertise one has. As a real estate professional, every client and every transaction brings unique circumstances and dynamics. No two properties and no two clients are alike. Each unique transaction allows us to hone our skills and to sharpen our saws as professionals.

Perhaps more than ever, working with an experienced professional who has an established and successful real estate practice is critical. Today’s market can be very challenging and confusing. Interest rates are high and are impacting affordability. Inventory is low because homeowners locked into low rates aren’t moving. There are fewer homes on the market and fewer sales. And, prices in Hawaii are holding steady.

Each Situation is Unique

So, do you buy now? Sell now? Do you wait and see what happens? What should you do?

Your situation is unique and each area and market is unique. Some neighborhoods are more balanced, some still strongly favor sellers, while others see prices softening in favor of buyers.

A Complex Time

Suffice it to say that it is a very interesting time in real estate. A lot of people are hunkering down waiting for rates to drop, but the reality is that once rates drop, all those pent up buyers sitting on the fence will be out in force. As more and more buyers qualify, there will be more demand for housing. But sadly, we have a housing shortage. Or, should I say, “A housing crisis?” And, it’s a crisis that is not just unique to Hawaii. We are hearing phrases like “housing catastrophe” and “housing disaster” from all sectors across the nation. We need inventory!

So, given the complexity in the housing market and considering that purchasing real estate is likely your biggest financial investment, doesn’t it make sense for you to hire a professional real estate practitioner? Someone who doesn’t just “sell real estate,” but someone who has a real estate practice. A practice with a proven track record of success and one that is built on solid ethics, customer service, experience, and local market knowledge.

You Want an Experienced Professional

Whether you’re currently in the market, on the fence, or contemplating a move in a few years, when you are faced with a changing market, challenging circumstances and hard decisions, you want an experienced professional who will have your best interests at heart and who will help you arrive at a solution that is best for you. True professionalism really shines through when you’re faced with a property that is tough to sell, interest rates that are hard to swallow, or the stuff of life that can leave you feeling unsure and unsettled.

My real estate practice is governed by fiduciary law and I take your real estate needs very seriously. I owe you the highest duties of confidentiality, loyalty, honesty, due care and diligence. Simply put, protecting your interests is at the heart and core of my real estate practice.

When it comes to your real estate needs, work with a competent real estate practitioner. Someone who practices at the highest standard of care and who genuinely cares about you and your real estate outcomes.

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Beth Thoma Robinson, R(B)

September 27, 2023

I love this distinction, Cherie. The term “practice” implies a dedication to continual improvement as a professional, which you clearly have. I know a number of real estate professionals who might have been in the business for 30 years but still do business as it worked 30 years ago rather than evolving with current market needs and practices. With your experience and care, I would trust you with my most complex and delicate real estate situations!

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