My Story: Why I Became a Realtor

There is a list of reasons why becoming a realtor sounded great to me. I love the independence, the flexibility. I love to socialize, to help people, it is a great career for raising a family, I can continue the career wherever I go, the list can go on and on. It was clear that my personality, along with my background in Business and Marketing, would make real estate an optimal career choice for me. Yet that was not what led me to take the leap into real estate.

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My Experience

It was my experience that initiated my desire to learn more about real estate. Being the wife of a Military member, I knew that moving would be a common occurrence. When we found out my husband was getting Hawaii as his first duty station, I could not have been more thrilled! Then as it got closer to moving, I realized how stressful it would be to buy our first home in a place I had never even been before. I began questioning everything. How does this work? What are our options? How will I know if I am moving to a good area? It was like a never-ending worry. Not to mention the task of picking up everything that you own and shipping it over to an island. If you had animals or children, it was this whole other pressure. I did what research I could, and in the end, we ended up finding a great place we love. But I couldn’t help but think about all of the other military wives and families out there who felt the same way that I did. Discussing the process with many of them, I quickly realized that many of us were not being well informed on some of the amazing opportunities we have offered for us. Then I spoke with my nonmilitary friends and concluded that they too faced many unanswered questions.

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My Motivation

It was then that I decided I wanted to become a realtor. Not the kind that pushes sales, is all up in your face, and just wants the commission. No, I wanted to be the realtor that military members, first-time home buyers, and anyone hesitant in buying or selling their home could come to. I want to be there to help answer any questions they may have in the process. If I do not know the answer myself, I’d vow to do what I could do to find the answer for them. I wanted the process of buying and selling your home to be exciting and happy. Hoping I can help ease worry, decrease stress, connect them with the right people, and help guide people in the best possible transaction for them.

My Life

As my husband and I will be welcoming our first child, a sweet baby boy, to our family very soon, this March 2021. My desire to help others in their real estate adventures has skyrocketed even more. I am blessed to all of the people I have met this far on my journey. All of the discussions I have had with fellow realtors and all that they have taught me, as well as all of the advice I have been able to provide to clients and friends. I truly love what I do and am excited to continue to do more of it.

If you ever have questions, need advice, or would just like to chat about real estate, please reach out.

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Ronald Drevs

March 4, 2021

I am very moved by your self introduction.
Please consider some changes …

Your comment in bold letters “PLEASE BE NICE”. Maybe not say that. Why? It does not make you as the strong, professional woman you are … It sounds more like a teacher talking to children. Just consider your audience as a suggestion.

The second thing is the word vow, consider diligence in your reframe. Vow is a very VERY strong word. Vow to do something OR not do something sets you up to be a victim. Your word is your power … do not let a failure by you EVER be anything but a chance to learn and do better.

In your dealings to overcome a difference or share an insight … I use Feel, Felt, Found.

” I think I can imagine how you could feel … Because I have felt the same way in my mind. However, I’ve found If I get information and time … I make more comfortable decisions.” Just an example …. You basically used this in your self introduction.

As a new Mom … Maybe consider a site called … words are very powerful in relationships. How words are expressed and understood … is where the wisdom is .. in my opinion.

Last? Please no iron in baby formulas and much peace to you. Ron

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