Kauai Island Travel Guide Part 2 /カウアイ島トラベルガイド#2

前回に引き続き カウアイ島の旅のご案内です。 昨日はカウアイコーヒーに寄りましたが、カウアイにはカウアイクッキーにもあります。ショートブレッドクッキーが中心に この工場? に行くとパイも売っています。 クッキーの試食もさせてくれるのでドライブのついでに寄ってみてください。

Here we are continuing my last blog talking about my trip to Kauai Island (Read Part 1 Here). I stopped by Kauai Coffee yesterday, another famous  “Kauai Kookie” in Kauai. Many of their cookies are shortbread cookies. The pie also sold here. You can sample there cookie in the store. Please try to stop by if you happen to drive near this place.
You can buy their cookies in Honolulu too, but I couldn’t keep from buying. Why not enjoy it while I am on this island too?💖

そして昨夜ディナーをたべたレストランの隣にあるココナッツマーケットプレイスの朝市! たくさんの新鮮な野菜やフルーツが売っている。 バナナブレッドとパイナップルブレッドそしてジューシーなオレンジを一つゲット!これから行くシダの洞窟ツアーのボートの中で食べよーっと。

And in the morning, I went to “Coconut Market Place,” which is next to the restaurant where I had dinner last night! A lot of fresh vegetables and fruits are there. I get one of banana bread, pineapple bread, and a juicy orange! The perfect item to eat in the boat of the cave tour of a fern Grotto that I’ll be going to after this.

で、いよいよシダの洞窟! ボートで川を下る。その間中船長さん?がカウアイの歴史や洞窟の持ち主のファミリーの歴史などの話を楽しく話してくれる。 結婚式も行われるようで、洞窟を見ながら音楽とフラダンスのプレゼント♪ とてもゆったりと緑の中で過ごす素敵な時間が持てました。 帰りの船ではみんなでフラダンス! ハワイに住んでいるとフラはいつも身近にあるけどなかなか自分で踊ることは無いのでとても新鮮💖

Here we are at Fern Grotto, going down a river by boat. We enjoyed listening to Boat Captain’s talk about the history of Kauai and the family of the owner of this Grotto. It’s a very short walk to the Grotto area. Feels so good to walk in the greens. They said they have a lot of wedding ceremonies performed here. The guide played Hawaiian music and hula danced while we were there enjoying staying in the Grotto. I’m everyone by return ship, hula! Even though I am a resident of Hawaii and see Hula Dance performed a lot, but Hula in the Grotto felt so special to me.

そしてNinini Point の灯台を見てからランチを食べにPrincevilleまでドライブしてBENVENUTIに!

ここに来たらぜひ弊社Hawaii Life の本社にも寄ってください! オフィスの下にはカウアイ島のアイスクリームショップLappert’s Hawaii Ice Cream.

やっぱりこの島にはジープと鶏が多い 笑

Stopped by Ninini Point to see the Lighthouse on the way to lunch in Princeville at an Italian restaurant called “Benvenuti.” I like their pizza and pasta.

Please do not forget to stop by the Hawaii Life main office next to this restaurant. Also try to stop by the ice cream shop called “Lappert’s” under our Hawaii Life office.

I have noticed this island is full of Jeep and Roosters!

今回は食べ過ぎで 楽しみにしていたYOU TUBEとかでも有名なKenjiでハンバーガー寄れなかったけど次回は絶対!

I had planned to stop by to have a hamburger at “Kenji,” but my stomach didn’t have space this time. Added to my next Kauai trip list.

そして夕方の飛行機でホノルルに楽しい思い出と一緒に帰りました~ 飛行機の窓から見える夕日がとてもきれいでした。

I took a late flight to back to Honolulu with lots of good and fun memories. Beautiful sunset view from the window.

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Mami Takeda

Mami Takeda is a REALTOR,CIPS, CRS, CLHMS with Hawai'i Life. Fluent in Japanese and English, I credit my success to a deep understanding of Japanese culture, my sensitivity to cultural needs, and a desire to consistently exceed client expectations. I enjoy establishing lifelong relationships with my clients and helping them to enjoy a happy life in Hawaii. After graduating with a degree in music, I taught at Yamaha Music School and played flute and electric organ at a concert level. I also worked as a secretary to professors at Tokyo University, and upon my arrival to Hawaii, I fulfilled a similar role for the Dean of Chaminade University in Honolulu. I hope to encourage those around me to the highest level of customer service, with thoughtfulness, professionalism and a love of learning. I served for two years as President’s Liaison to Japan for the National Association of Realtors. I am a member of the National Association of Realtors, Hawaii Association of Realtors and Honolulu Board of Realtors, and a former member of the Hawaii International Real Estate Council. I’ve also continued my professional education, earning the prestigious real estate designations. 東京生まれ。1988年よりハワイに移住。不動産仲介20年以上の経験。 日英両語。クライアントに寄り添い売買の後も安心出来るサービスで定評。 長いお付き合いをしているクライアントが多い。 You can email me at or via phone at (808) 228-0882.

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