High Five Your Home

When was the last time you gave yourself a high five? In her book, “The High 5 Habit,” Mel Robbins’ states that the simple habit of high-fiving yourself in the mirror every morning to kickstart your day, gives your day a boost. It may sound corny to give yourself a high five in front of the mirror, but apparently there is science to back up the notion. It turns out that showering yourself with words of love and encouragement makes for an improved mood, day, and life. Go head, high-five yourself and see how it makes you feel. Even if you feel silly, it can’t hurt, right?

Finding Joy in Your Space

Hmmm…….what if the principles and benefits of cheering yourself on with high fives translate to high-fiving our own homes? Think about it – you can spend time mulling over your home’s faults or you can high five your home for the things that make it so special. For example, the next time you walk into your living room, instead of focusing on the stain in the carpet, the frayed pillows on the couch or the wall that is in need of paint, how about giving your living room a high-five? A high-five for all the moments you’ve spent there enjoying your family and friends, that good book, a much needed nap, and the quiet comfort of your own space away from the world of noise.

Celebrating the Heart of Your Home

What about your kitchen? When was the last time you stood in your kitchen and reflected on all the shared meals, morning cups of coffee, laughter, fun, and cherished moments you’ve had in the room that is the very heart of your home? Maybe it’s time for you to give your kitchen a high-five?

Creating Your Bedroom Retreat

Take a walk to your bedroom. What do you see? Do you see the sheets that need changing? The decor that needs refreshing? The clutter that you just haven’t had time to put away? Or, do you see a place of incredible solitude? A place of rest, respite, and intimacy?

Your Unique Sanctuary

Whether you live in a one bedroom condo or a large, luxurious home, your place of dwelling is uniquely yours. It is your shelter and your sanctuary. It’s.Your.Home.

It’s easy to look at what’s wrong with our homes, but what if we looked at what’s right instead? When Mel Robbins was dissatisfied with herself, she chose to pause and reevaluate what was important. She chose to silence the voice of self-criticism and to cheer herself on. She gave herself a high five. And.She.Felt.Better.

What if we do the same with our homes? Granted, high-fiving yourself and your home might not be the answer to life’s problems, but I bet you’ll feel better if you do it. So, here’s to high-fiving our way to more joy and happiness in our homes and in our lives!

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