Does Being a Meticulous Homeowner Have Health Benefits?

Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed? Do you feel depressed or just plain old blah? You aren’t alone. More than ever, people are struggling to maintain their mental well-being.

Do you know that having an organized home may actually be good for your mental health? According to a recent article in Health Magazine by Marta Zaraska, “Conscientiousness — the personality trait that organized, responsible people typically possess — has been linked to lower levels of inflammation, less risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.” Studies also reveal that you can lower your mortality risk by 35 percent just by being highly meticulous. Who knew?

Get Organized

So, if you want to improve your home and your health, get organized. You don’t have to do a lot, at least not all at once, but you can start by breaking your home tasks down into bite-size chunks that you can work on each day. You can tidy one room at a time or perhaps you can start with something as simple as cleaning a drawer. The key is to tidy up something every day until your home is neat and organized. No more lost keys or tripping over shoes!

When you begin to focus on neatness and cleanness, you may even pick up other healthier behaviors. Research suggests that you may start eating more nutritious foods and exercising more. Apparently, people who are more conscientious and organized make smarter choices overall. Interesting. Research also shows that fastidious people have a better relationship with stress. Apparently, the more structure you have in your life and home, the less stress and conflict you tend to have. Studies actually reveal that people who maintain tidy surroundings have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Wow!

Health Benefits of an Organized Home

There are so many health benefits to having an organized home. Your ability to focus will improve because you won’t be distracted by all of the clutter. You’ll feel less stressed because being organized brings peace and calm to both your space and to you. You might even sleep better because it’s easier to relax when your home is clean and orderly. You’ll have more margin in your time, too. Think of the frustration you feel — and the time you waste — looking for things when you’re home is disorganized. Being meticulous when it comes to order in your home will save you time — time that can be spent on doing things that you love. Things that are good for your emotional well-being.

When you clean up and organize your household, you will feel better. Lighter. Healthier. And, so will the people you live with.

So, train yourself to become more meticulous. Don’t overthink it — just commit to doing whatever it is you need to do to declutter and organize your home. Set realistic expectations and just do it. And, keep doing it daily. When you stay on top of things, you won’t feel so overwhelmed. Eventually, you’ll form the habits necessary to maintain a meticulous home.

When you make an organized house your priority, you are essentially making your mental health a priority. And, isn’t that what you want? A healthier and happier YOU!

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