Choosing the Right Brokerage and Real Estate Agent in Hawaii

Like most industries, Hawaii has license regulations for realtors. Just because someone has a license does not necessarily qualify them to help a buyer or seller in Hawaii buy or sell their most important asset, their home.

Roles and Responsibilities of Brokers In Charge

Hawaii is an interesting market since we have Brokers In Charge (BICs). A BIC reviews, approves, and signs documents that are put in front of the buyer or seller client. Some states have the agents sign and review the contracts themselves, but not in Hawaii, as a BIC does that. So what does all that mean in layman’s terms? It means in Hawaii, there are different layers of licensing, testing, and overall experience.

Understanding Hawaii’s Realtor License Regulations

There are also many different types of brokerages; some have more oversight, rules, and regulations internally than others. Some are cloud-based with very little oversight and often no brick-and-mortar offices. This can be a slippery slope for a client. It might result in poor negotiation that causes the loss of a sale or unnecessary drama and stress in a very stressful situation, buying or selling a home. In a worst-case scenario, it can result in litigation if a transaction is not handled correctly.

So, a person can study, pass the state and national tests, hang their license with a broker, and start practicing real estate. Once an agent has been licensed and working full time for three years, they can study, test, and pass the requirements to become a Broker. The broker’s test is more complex, more in-depth, and, in turn, gives that agent more knowledge.

Choosing the Right Realtor in Hawaii

Like any business, brokerage companies can vary in size, level of professionalism, education, and oversight. A good brokerage will have a solid set of rules, policies, and procedures in place to protect the brokerage from lawsuits but, most importantly, protect the client.

So, when it comes to selecting an agent to help you buy or sell real estate, there are many things you should want to know and ask the agent before deciding who to use to help you on this journey. This generally starts with how long they have been in the business, what level of licensing they hold, whether they are practicing full-time, and what brokerage they are associated with. A newer agent with a brokerage firm with little oversight will likely cause the buyer or seller to have a bumpy road filled with unnecessary stress. On the other hand, a seasoned broker will help explain, guide, coach, and advise the clients to achieve the best-desired result possible.

Differentiating Between Novice Agents and Seasoned Brokers

Of course, I would like to be that broker to help you and your family in Hawaii. After being a full-time agent for three years and becoming eligible, I immediately studied and tested to become a Broker. When I received my brokerage license, I was asked to become a broker in charge of Hawaii Life. During that time, I was fortunate to further expand my knowledge base by helping with behind-the-scenes jobs with the brokerage, all while practicing and improving my craft. Now, I am the managing Broker for Oahu and help oversee the Oahu agents and the other Hawaii Life brokers in charge. What does all this mean for a client? It means that I have spent my time learning, growing, expanding, and improving my business, all in an effort to do what is most important: to help my clients.

Experience and Accomplishment

I am proud to be a broker, I am proud to be a broker in charge, I am proud to be a managing broker, and I am proud to be with one of the best brokerages on the island. I do not think you can ever say I have learned all I can, as you can always do more and be better, but I am certainly proud of the path I have taken and what I have accomplished thus far.

If you want to learn more about me or what it takes to buy and sell real estate in Hawaii, please feel free to call, text, or email me anytime. I would be happy to be your broker.

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