Choosing the Right Real Estate Brokerage in Hawaii

As of late, you certainly see many more Realtors using social media for promotion. I am left confused if most of these agents are using social to promote what they are doing, and where they are eating, or if they are using social media to help promote real estate. There certainly seems to be a good amount of posts at dinners, conferences, getting awards, and walking around talking about the beach but are they promoting a listing to help it sell or themselves? I have heard conversations on how social is an extension of their business, which it certainly is, but my question is, what part of the business are most of the posts promoting? Is the agent doing fabulous things, or is it an effort to gain new business and sell existing inventory while always keeping the client in mind?

What’s Being Promoted?

The other new concept as of lately that seems to be arising is the agents promoting their brokerage. Some of the new concepts in the space are promoting and suggesting that new agents should look at brand X and come on board. While I am all for being proud of who you are and where you hang your license, I question the motivation behind some of these enticements. The new norm seems to be to sign up under the agent, and then the agent gets a cut of the business. This beg the question, are these agents promoting a brokerage for their own gain?

Things change, and the market certainly evolves. As we have seen in the past, you need to adjust, adapt, and change with the times, or you can certainly be left in the dust, wondering what just happened. There are certainly many use cases for companies that were so braggadocious that they felt they dominated their space and did not have to change, but we all know that is not always the case.

Understand Your Core Business

In real estate, you want to find a brokerage that supports, changes, and promotes the core business. That is helping clients with an emphasis on buying and selling real estate. This comes from helping agents scale their business with new platforms, technology, and tools. This does not come from the next get-rich-quick scheme but from proven ideologies, structures, and well-thought-out designs.

Hawaii Life’s roots are embedded in marketing and design. This is, in part, what makes Hawaii Life the best brokerage in Hawaii. The brand is not looking at how to cuts corners but how to help the agent grow and scale their business. The core of this concept is always putting the client’s needs ahead of anyone else. Do right by the client, and the business organically grows. This is generated by great tools, market insight, research, design, and listening to what the agents/clients have to say.

You will never see this brokerage giving out plastic awards or seeing a huge leader board up in lights. All the agents at Hawaii Life are important; at the core is always the client’s best interest.

Staying True to Who We Are

Hawaii Life was the largest volume brokerage in the state last year. We do not scream that from the mountaintop but certainly are proud of the accomplishment. This was achieved by staying true to who we are, following our moral compass, putting people first, and using great tools to help the agents grow.

We certainly know that we are not a perfect fit for every agent, and they may not be a great fit for us, which is fine. We know that we do right by the clients and have some of the best tools, technology, leadership, and support in the business.

If you would like to learn more about how we do what we do or to see if we might be a good fit for you, buying or selling real estate or hanging your license, please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

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Cherie Tsukamoto

October 18, 2022

Great blog, David! I’m going to share this with my team!

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