Building Successful Real Estate Teams: 10 Questions with Jon Mann on Hawai‘i’s Market

Jon Mann, the newly appointed Broker-in-Charge of East O‘ahu, is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in the Hawai’i real estate industry. With two finance degrees and 35 years of consulting expertise, Jon brings a rich and diverse skill set to his new role. His commitment to excellence, characterized by customer service, honesty, integrity, and professional competence, has been evident throughout his tenure with Hawai‘i Life. 

In the following 10 questions, we will delve into Jon’s insights on the unique challenges of the O‘ahu real estate market, his leadership philosophy, and the rewarding experiences that make real estate in Hawai‘i truly special.

1. Jon, what unique challenges do real estate agents face in the O‘ahu market compared to other regions in Hawai‘i?

O‘ahu’s real estate market presents distinctive challenges compared to other regions in Hawai‘i. The island’s diverse neighborhoods demand a nuanced understanding, and each comes with its own set of market dynamics. Be it the thousands of Condominiums in Honolulu, the oceanfront properties on the North Shore, and everything in between, each neighborhood and each property are unique.

2. O‘ahu’s real estate market is open to government policies. Have there been any recent or are there any upcoming policy changes or developments that you anticipate will significantly impact the local real estate landscape?

Staying abreast of potential policy changes is crucial. Currently, I’m keeping an eye on any upcoming developments that might impact the local market, ensuring our team remains well-prepared to navigate these changes. For example, currently, many Oahu Condominiums are experiencing increasing hurricane insurance rates which are causing buildings to be underinsured, impacting lending options for buyers. We have been working with local and mainland lenders to help manage the problem for sellers and have solutions for buyers.

Jon prioritizes the establishment of a supportive and stimulating environment for his team to maintain top-tier service and representation from Hawai‘i Life.

3. What qualities do you look for when selecting members for the Hawai‘i Life O‘ahu team?

When selecting members for the Hawai‘i Life O‘ahu team, I look for qualities that align with our commitment to client service. Apart from the obvious real estate acumen, I value individuals who share our dedication to integrity, clear communication, and a client-first approach.

4. What’s your philosophy on team building and maintaining high morale among your agents?

My philosophy on team building revolves around fostering an environment where each member feels challenged, valued, and supported. We maintain a cooperative and positive team atmosphere by assisting agents in achieving personal and professional goals.

5. What does representation mean to you and how does Hawai‘i Life differentiate itself in terms of client representation in Hawai’i’s competitive real estate market?

Representation to me is not just about facilitating transactions; it’s about becoming a trusted guide for my clients and our agents on their journey in Hawai‘i’s real estate market. At Hawai‘i Life, our differentiation lies in our unwavering commitment to clients and agents. We prioritize honesty, integrity, and professional competence in every interaction.

6. What are the most common challenges you face in reviewing contracts for East O‘ahu’s real estate transactions, and how do you address them?

Reviewing contracts for East O‘ahu’s real estate transactions involves addressing common challenges with precision. Clear communication and thorough due diligence are key. I prioritize consistent and transparent communication with clients and agents, ensuring they fully understand the terms and implications of each contract.

7. How would you describe your personal leadership style, and how has it evolved over your career?

My handling of contract oversight is rooted in an entrepreneurial mindset, seeking creative solutions to challenges and always keeping the client’s and agents’ best interests at the forefront. My personal leadership style has evolved over my career, shaped by experience and a commitment to constant improvement. I believe in leading by example, fostering a culture of open communication, and encouraging innovative thinking. I prioritize adaptability, recognizing that the real estate industry is dynamic and requires continuous learning.

Jon finds success in Hawai‘i’s unique real estate landscape with work-life balance and genuine human-to-human connections.

8. What’s your favorite aspect of living and working in Hawai‘i, and how does it influence your professional approach?

My favorite aspect of living and working in Hawai‘i is the sense of community and the deep connection to the islands. This influences my professional approach by emphasizing the importance of relationships and understanding local nuances. I’m a firm believer that it’s important to maintain a steady balance between work and family to find success. Living amidst the beauty of this island paradise we call home, I find relaxation in spending time with my wife and appreciating my unique surroundings. I enjoy outdoor activities that Hawai‘i offers, from hiking to enjoying the pristine beaches. It’s essential to recharge and find inspiration in the natural beauty surrounding us.

9. What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become a successful real estate agent specifically in Hawai‘i?

To those aspiring to become successful real estate agents in Hawai‘i, I would emphasize the importance of building genuine connections within the community. Understand the unique aspects of each neighborhood, be adaptable to market changes, and prioritize integrity in every interaction. Continuous learning is crucial, so stay informed about market trends and policy changes. Lastly, patience and perseverance are key; success in real estate often comes with time and dedication.

10. Could you recount a meaningful story in your time with Hawai‘i Life that captures what real estate in Hawai‘i is like and why it’s so rewarding?

One meaningful story that encapsulates a rewarding experience involves assisting a family in selling their oceanfront property after they had experienced 18 months of frustration and failure in not being able to sell their property with another agent/brokerage. I helped them sell their oceanfront home in Mokuleia for over $2,000,000. 

This is what they had to say after the whole process, 

“We had our house on the market for 18 months and were not getting any traction. It was frustrating to get the feeling it was our fault and never the realtor handling the business. We met Jon and decided to make a change. Jon reviewed what we had been doing and made very constructive suggestions on how to market, present and show the property. Long story short-he sold our house in 33 days after it had been on the market for 18 months. The best part about it was he got us a higher price too!!! Throughout the process, Jon was polite, and professional and communicated well-always keeping us in the loop. I feel like I made a new friend with Jon and had a very successful conclusion to what had been a frustrating and stressful situation. Thank you Jon!!!”

Jon’s strong and supportive leadership style will bring a new level of success and growth to the East O‘ahu team, further solidifying Hawai’i Life’s position as a leader in the real estate industry. Check out Jon’s page for additional information and the chance to connect.

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