Maui Real Estate Market

Hawai’i 2050 – Our Community’s Outlook on Sustainability

So what is Hawai’i 2050, anyways? Due to the steady deterioration of public infrastructure, lack of affordable housing, continued reliance on a service-based economy, vulnerability of Hawai’i in a volatile global energy market, possible interruptions in travel and critical food supplies, threats to our fragile island ecosystems, and the ever increasing numbers of residents and […]

Olowalu Oceanfront: Six Senses & Fried Brussels Sprouts

I’m sitting at my computer, looking at this blank page, starting my writing engine: “Lubricate the grey cells, crack open the biological thesaurus.” I take another sip of my caffeine, breathe deeply as I begin readying the Real Estate Lexicon, rolling up my wordsleeves, determined. But the message I get is loud and clear: “No wait. […]

Images of Maui in 2014

I always knew but never really appreciated the beautiful images that my home island, Maui, has to offer. It took me a photography class and a Canon Rebel t3 to capture a few. I hope you enjoy these. When I retire from selling real estate, I may take photography a little more seriously. Makena Landing area […]

Maui County Policy Changes Should Help Lands for Development

The Maui County Council recently amended its Workforce Housing policies in hopes of helping initiate more housing starts on Maui. This comes years after a workforce housing shortage initiated Maui’s first workforce housing requirements for subdivisions. I was on the Planning Commission at the time as we took testimony and passed on recommendations to the County […]