Maui Real Estate Market

Maui Private Schools: Of Brats & Buddhas

I was a brat. A horrible private school brat. I didn’t have the luxury of living in the Hawaiian culture, which doesn’t tolerate brats very well. People who live here on Maui will know what I’m talking about. If you are moving here and moving here with a brat, you will happily witness the transformation of your brat […]

Seller’s Tip: When & Why You Should “Take a Hike” During Showings

Sellers have an important role in the home selling process. The standard provisions of our listing agreement obligate the Seller to help sell the property not only in a general sense but specifically by preparing the home for showings. For example, the Seller needs to allow access for required inspections, secure belongings, and allow installation […]

6 Most Important Factors in Valuing a Home’s Photovoltaic System

Skyrocketing energy prices have caused a boom in rooftop photovoltaic systems across the state, and it makes good sense. Hawaii electric prices are the highest in the nation and are over three times the national average. *The U.S. Energy Information Administration shows Hawaii’s electric prices average over $0.34 per kilowatt hour while the national average is […]

Map of Wailea & “Painting the Back of the Fence”

This blog is all about a map of Wailea. Seriously? Yes. Here’s the map: Pretty gross, right? The purpose of a map is to communicate a complex three dimensional geography in two dimensional form, with some added data which through the magic of your retinas and your brain allow for a clear understanding of the place. The artistry […]