Big Island Properties For Sale in North Kohala

North Kohala coastline aerial

The call plays like a radio comedy hour. The caller says, “I’m in front of your real estate sign on Akoni Pule Highway, what can you tell me about the property for sale?” I reply, “Thanks for calling, can you tell me where on Akoni Pule Highway you are?” “In front of your sign. There’s a gate and I want to know if I can go inside and look.”

“Ummm, I have several signs in front of gates along Akoni Pule Highway. Can you be a little more specific? Where are you in relationship to the towns of Hawi or Kapa’au, for example?” Akoni Pule Highway, also known as Highway 270, stretches from Kawaihae Harbor to Pololu Valley, and is the “main drag” in rural North Kohala.

Entrance to lot at Kapanai-Halawa

Entrance to 21-acre lot near Kapana’ia (MLS# 230836) listed for $795,000

They might be returning from visiting Pololu Valley at the literal end of the road, and noticed my signs on the highway at the turnoff to Kapanaia Bay and Halawa. The oceanfront stretch directly makai of the vacant land I have listed there has been nominated by the Hawai’i County Commission on public access, open space, and natural resources as the Hapu’u to Kapanaia Cultural Corridor, priority #4 on the Island for preservation. This area was Kamehameha the Great’s family land and includes two major heiau, along with the bay where the King fished and surfed, just as locals do today.

Each of the two lots has a gate in front of it, and although the address in the MLS reads “Akoni Pule Highway,” there are actually other parcels between the highway and the gates to the very private 14-acre and 21-acre lots for sale. The caller might well be there as someone standing outside the gates would see nothing of the unobstructed ocean and mountain views visitors sense might lie beyond. I often get calls asking permission to hop the fence.

“I’m not too far outside of Hawi.” (OK, that tells me it wasn’t where I thought). “Is the gate and sign right on the road?”

Puakea Ranch estate home on 25 acres

25 acres of pasture between the highway and the estate ranch home (MLS# 235911) offered for $2,200,000

The 3,700 sq. ft. upscale ranch residence listed at the small Puakea Ranch subdivision on the sunset-facing coast before the road turns toward Hawi is so far above the highway that callers often mistake this gorgeous property for raw land. But all 25 acres belong to the home, which means the lucky new owners will never have anyone building in their view plane.

The entrance road is farther south, across from the entrance to Ranch at Puakea on the makai side. An unexpected form of privacy, as if the home is hidden in plain sight, and yet less than 5 minutes from the boutiques, restaurants, galleries, and community of Hawi.

“No, there was a sign on the road, and we drove to another sign in front of the gate.” I can hear my caller’s irritation growing. “There’s no street number here, that’s why I’m calling.” Now, I know where they must be. The street address on this property IS Akoni Pule Highway, and the sign on the road is right under the street number. “There is a lot of green grass behind the gate, but that’s all we can see and we’d like to know about the property for sale.”

7 acres of Ag land with home for sale near Hawi

This is it: 2,800 sq. ft. custom home on 7 groomed acres walking distance from Hawi for $1,200,000 (MLS# 241487)

I explain that the property is a two-story residence with 2,828 sq. ft. of interior space, huge lanai on both levels, on 7 acres of Ag-zoned land. Technically, an Ag “condo” that cannot be subdivided, there are CC&Rs that require any farming to be organic. Showings are by appointment only as it is owner-occupied, but I’d be happy to accommodate. Is this the kind of property they had in mind?

Because if it’s not, there are plenty of other options in both raw land and homes on acreage for sale in North Kohala. Horse property, orchards, or just a quiet retreat with ocean views and historic old Hawai’i ambiance, within a half hour drive of the Kohala Coast beaches. Lots to love in Kohala.

A hui hou,

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4 Responses to “Big Island Properties For Sale in North Kohala”

  1. Catherine Klug
    February 4, 2011 at 1:03 pm #

    Akoni Pule Hwy is 27 miles long… nice detective work, Beth!
    Thank you for your great blog. Always fun to read about your North Kohala experiences. Hope to bring you a Buyer soon!

  2. Katie Minkus, R(B)
    February 5, 2011 at 5:37 pm #

    Classic! Radio comedy hour indeed! It’s so funny how we get used to describing things as, “you know, two streets down from the tree house…” And then you can always tell visitors from Southern CA – “How do I get to THE 250?” The what, now? Oh… you mean the upper road?? Never fails to give me a chuckle!

  3. Beth Robinson R(B)
    February 5, 2011 at 5:46 pm #

    @Katie – one of the hardest things for me when I first moved to Kohala was how people would describe locations as “where the laundromat used to be” or “2 doors down from where John used to live”. But it’s not just newcomers who have the problem. During the Community Development Plan process someone announced there was going to be a meeting at the Kohala Cultural Center. A long-time local said “where?” before I could. “You know, the Hawi Gym” “Oh, the old Mormon Gym?” “Yeah, Desi’s place.”

    It always reminds me how important history and relationships are to the sense of place we treasure in Kohala.


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