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Hawaii Life Conservation and Legacy Lands

Conservation and Legacy Lands

Conservation and Legacy Lands refers to a specialized area of real estate practice, as well as a category of property with environmental and/or cultural conservation values. These are properties that, in many cases, should remain undeveloped. In other cases the need is for conservation values to be preserved through sensitive development. Our Conservation and Legacy Lands initiative is a natural progression of Hawaii Life’s long-standing commitment to conservation.

The first goal of Hawaii Life’s Conservation and Legacy Lands initiative is to generate awareness of the role that conservation plays in Hawaii’s future and to further conservation efforts across Hawaii by leveraging the Hawaii Life platform. In addition to listing CLL properties, we are here to generate and expand a pool of committed buyers and donors for conservation properties in Hawaii and represent them in their conservation efforts.

Hawaii Lifeʻs Conservation and Legacy Lands initiative serves our clients by identifying and gathering information about suitable properties across the state, educating our brokers and agents, and refining best practices for brokering and marketing properties suitable for conservation through the specialized knowledge and experience of our Director of Conservation and Legacy Lands, Beth Thoma Robinson.

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Featured Conservation Listings

Hawaii Life represents more listings across the state than any brokerage in Hawaii. We are honored to represent select Conservation and Legacy Lands like these:

Kahuku Point, North Shore, Oahu


165 acres, the largest privately-owned parcel on Oahuʻs North Shore. Potential for agricultural development while protecting archeological sites…



Makolelau, Molokai


1045 acres running from the mountains to the ocean, plus percentage ownership in two fish pond parcels…



Contact us to view the full list of Conservation and Legacy Lands. Many are not listed here.

Nominate Your Conservation Listing

If you have a property that you suspect has Conservation or Legacy Lands potential and you wish to have it included on this page, please contact us. Does your property have any or all of the following characteristics or values:

  • Historic significance
  • Cultural significance as identified by the local community
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Sensitive environmental features such as coastline, watershed, water resources or native forest
  • Significant farm or ranch operations or potential for same
  • Existing conservation easements or deed restrictions

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If your property is listed with another real estate broker, please have them contact Beth directly.

Featured Blog Articles

Hawaii Life reports on Conservation and Legacy Lands through our blog to provide information and resources for your benefit:

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The Hawaii Life Conservation and Legacy Lands Guidebook

By sharing our valuable knowledge and through our relationships with conservation organizations both locally and nationally, Hawaii Life can help owners of significant historic properties or agricultural holdings, conservation listings and legacy lands to identify appropriate stewardship buyers or conservation strategies for their property.

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