Wear The Love, Share the Love –
Fundraiser for Maui


Wearable support for Maui’s recovery.

All net proceeds provide direct aid to Maui’s lasting recovery, with all HLCF profits managed by the Hawai‘i Community Foundation.

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About the Campaign: The fires in Lahaina Town and across Maui have caused devastating damage, destroying homes and lives. We must unite as a community to support Maui continuously. So far in total, we have raised over $1,468,834 for the Maui Strong Fund. This includes more than $418,834 for the HLCF, a separate donation of $1,000,000 to the HCF for our efforts, and an additional $50,000 in matching gifts also given to the HCF. In continued support, HLCF’s ‘Wear the Love, Share the Love’ fundraiser furthers that effort with wearable support for Maui. Your purchase of items such as T-shirts, hoodies, and hats featuring Banyan, Hibiscus, and Wave designs shows support for Maui, and all net proceeds from sales directly benefit the long-term relief efforts for those impacted.

About HLCF: The Hawai’i Life Charitable Fund (HLCF), initiated by Hawai’i Life, is committed to giving back through various charitable initiatives. Embracing the spirit of aloha, HLCF collaborates with local entities to address urgent concerns and strives to conserve Hawai’i’s stunning natural and cultural treasures. For detailed updates, please visit their official website or connect with Hawai’i Life.

About HCF: The Hawai’i Community Foundation (HCF) plays a pivotal role in bolstering philanthropy across the Hawaiian Islands. As a trusted ally and manager of the HLCF, and the leader of the Maui Strong campaign, HCF zeroes in on critical needs and promotes enduring resilience in Hawai’i’s communities.

About Your Purchase: Bonfire Fundraising T-shirts stand as a cutting-edge online fundraising platform, offering organizations the chance to gather funds through the sale of bespoke T-shirts and apparel. As the chosen platform for fundraisers like HLCF, all net proceeds from the sale of these T-shirts and apparel are overseen by the Hawai’i Community Foundation for the ongoing restoration of Maui.

Support the Cause: Every shirt purchased strengthens and elevates the Maui community. Show your unwavering support for Maui and be a beacon of hope by getting your exclusive T-shirt today.





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The “Wear the Love. Share the Love.” campaign by the Hawai‘i Life Charitable Fund (HLCF) is a focused initiative to aid Maui’s recovery. Featuring stylish wearables – T-shirts, hoodies, and hats, adorned with meaningful Banyan, Hibiscus, and Wave designs, the campaign symbolizes the resilience and beauty of Maui. Your support not only contributes financially but also becomes part of a larger movement, proudly wearing and sharing a message of recovery and Aloha spirit.

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