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As Vice President and Co-Owner of Hawai'i Life, my focus is on paving the way for new growth avenues and strategic partnerships, positioning Hawai'i Life for an exciting future in the real estate industry. Leading the Rental Division, I oversee Hawai'i Life Vacations, the company's short-term vacation rental business, as well as long-term residential leasing, in addition to estate management.

With a statewide team of professional property managers, we deliver an exceptional guest experience to thousands of Hawai'i visitors annually, elevating their stay at every interaction—from the first inquiry through booking, arrival, stay, and departure. Additionally, we streamline the long-term rental process, protecting homeowners’ investments while connecting them with qualified tenants statewide.

Celebrating two decades in the real estate industry since 2000, I've witnessed the significant growth of the vacation rental market. Recognizing the demand for professional property management and concierge services, we create a unique, personalized visitor experience while simplifying the vacation rental process for homeowners.

In 2002, I earned my license as a Realtor Associate and spearheaded the Property Management Division at Bali Hai Real Estate. Joining Hawai’i Life in 2010, I expanded our vacation rental division statewide and became a Broker-in-Charge in 2016, overseeing the marketing and management of over 700 vacation rental properties throughout the state.

I take pride in producing Vacation Rental Pro Day (VR Pro Day) annually, in conjunction with Hawai'i Life's Worthshop series. This event brings together industry leaders for an educational and motivational day of professional growth and learning. Additionally, I co-host the Hawai'i Life television series on HGTV, reaching a nationwide audience of more than 20 million viewers.

Leading a team of experienced local agents, property managers, and independent contractors, I prioritize professionalism, efficiency, self-motivation, and loyalty to homeowners and guests alike. Our business is managing homes, but customer service is our #1 priority.

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