Hawaii Land for Sale

Hawaii Land for Sale

New Vacant Parcel Listing in Holualoa

This beautiful new lot has so much to offer! Just a few minutes from Kailua Kona, this 5.75 acre parcel boasts one of the best panoramic views of the coastline. Panoramic Views near Kailua-Kona | MLS #283595 Perched above Kailua-Kona with easy access off Hualalai Road, the elevation provides cooler evening temperatures and spectacular sunsets […]

Special Electricity Could Have Shocking Charges for Vacant Land Buyers

Even in a down market, a staggering number of vacant parcels still change hands each year. These days, investors are snapping up well-priced properties quickly. Because inventory is high, buying opportunities are the best they have been in over a decade. Unless there’s something special about a property, competitive pricing is the fastest way to ensure […]

Omao’s Rustic Ranchlands on Kauai’s South Shore

One of my favorite things about Kauai is the island’s rural, country aspect. A couple minutes after leaving any of its small “towns,” seemingly uninhabited nature landscapes unfold all around the two-lane highway that encircles nearly the entire island. Quite the departure from city life! On the south shore of Kauai, head westward out of Old Koloa Town toward […]