Oahu Public and Private School Rankings

Everyone always asks me to look for a good school in a good area on Oahu. Rightfully so. Everyone always wants to send their children to the best school possible to give their kids the best fighting chance and a step up in the “real world.” It is hard when you’re paying for the price of paradise and your children’s education.

Now, because of the Fair Housing Laws and the NAR Code of Ethics, I cannot advise on this at all. However, I can show you where to find it and give you my thoughts, since it has been a while.

Cooke Hall

Cooke Hall at Punahou School; one of the many private schools Oahu has to offer

What are the Best Public and Private Schools on Oahu?

I was not at all surprised to see Moanalua High School, as they are often the number one high school every year according to the Honolulu Business Magazine. And of course, my very own Alma Matter, Kaiser High School, appears as the third highest ranking high school.

What I was surprised to find is that Honolulu Magazine also shows Campbell High School as one of the top high schools (second), ranking higher than my own high school, which opens up a whole new area for homes.

Typically, I send my clients these lists every year, especially the clients concerned with the schooling system. I want to make note that 14 high schools in Hawaii ranked in the 2012 US News Best High Schools List. I always thought we were at the bottom of the nation as far as schools, we always seem to come up short in the news. However, I think this is something few know about Oahu and Hawaii.

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Top 5 Public Intermediate and High Schools on Oahu

Take a look below, they rank all schools regardless of elementary, intermediate, and high school all against each other, so I’ve included the name of the school, the rank, and the area.

Top Five Public Intermediate Schools – Honolulu Magazine

  • Moanalua Middle: Rank 81, Area CEN
  • Prince David Kawananakoa Middle: Rank 82, Area HON
  • William P. Jarrett Middle: Rank 97, Area HON
  • Niu Valley Middle: Rank 114, Area HON
  • Robert Louis Stevenson Middle: Rank 122, Area HON

Top 5 Public High Schools – Honolulu Magazine

  • Moanalua High: Rank 140, Area CEN
  • James Campbell High: Rank 153, Area LEE
  • Henry J. Kaiser High: Rank 157, Area HON
  • Kalani High: Rank 162, Area HON
  • Leilehua High: Rank 187, Area CEN

Kaiser Highschool

My Alma Mater, Henry J. Kaiser High School, not to be overlooked – It's in the top five!

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  1. Shane
    April 28, 2013 at 2:31 pm #

    I was wondering why Mililani High School’s rankings in Honolulu Magazine were not high enough to make your list. Also, do you plan to use current data that has been released this year? Honolulu Magazine has the new rankings published.

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