Halloween Highlights the Features & Benefits of Pualani Estates Living

Halloween is always fun for kids and kids at heart (that’s me!). So when Halloween came around this year I was especially excited because this was the first time in my life that I lived in a neighborhood that was trick-or-treating friendly.

Finding a Big Island Neighborhood for Trick-or-Treating

Growing up on a coffee farm proved to be very disappointing as a child when it came to Halloween. There were no street lights, there were no sidewalks, and the nearest house was a quarter-mile down the horse trail now known as Mamalahoa Highway. If we were not going to go anywhere, nobody was going to come to us.  

To get our Halloween fix our empathic parents would drive us to a neighborhood where the houses were a little closer and there was either a sidewalk or a streetlight here and there. Finding a combination of all three was like finding the house that gave out money instead of candy. Mythical.

Many Kona Neighborhoods More Rural Than Planned

For those of you who are familiar with neighborhoods in Kona, you know many of Kona’s residential areas are more rural than planned. Many of the older neighborhoods that were planned have single lane roads or narrow double lanes with no sidewalks. This is what makes Kona such a charming place to live. Many of these neighborhoods take you back in time and is what attracts so many people to fall in love with our town.

Pualani Estates – A Popular Trick-or-Treating Community on the Big Island

Fast forward to Halloween 2012 and enter Pualani Estates. Why has Pualani Estates been such a popular community to live and trick-or-treat?

  • Houses are within walking distance
  • Numerous streetlights to see where you’re going
  • Sidewalks to keep your little ones safe from cars
  • Wide streets that allow for ample street parking while maintaining an easy flow of traffic and sidewalks. (Yes, I had to say sidewalks twice…that’s how much I appreciate them.)

Trick-or-Treating Success in Pualani Estates

In the picture above you can see Puapuanui Street, the main street into Pualani Estates. Just before sunset there was a beautiful rainbow that I couldn’t have planned better. Puapuanui was almost completely lined with parked cars and mobs of miniature goblins, mummies, fairies, and princesses started to invade door steps in search of treats.

By 7:00pm cars were parked all the way out on the main highway. Laughter and chatter made Pualani Estates feel more like a carnival than a residential neighborhood. By 8:00pm the sugar highs must have sputtered out. All was quiet again.

Halloween 2012…a trick-or-treating success in Pualani Estates!

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2 Responses to “Halloween Highlights the Features & Benefits of Pualani Estates Living”

  1. Beth Thoma Robinson R(B)
    November 4, 2012 at 1:49 pm #

    Love the rainbow in your photo, that says it all!

  2. Pam Deery, R(B)
    November 5, 2012 at 5:57 am #

    Makes me wish I were there! Great story!

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