Michelle Wood


Aloha! I was drawn to Hawaii by the island’s beauty and the friendly people. I moved here and became a realtor in 2007. I love working with people, sharing my knowledge of Hawaii and the real estate market, and helping clients find their dream home or property.

As of 2021, I have sold over $120 million in Hawaii properties in my 16 years as a real estate agent. I really value the trust, love, and appreciation I have built between myself, my buyers, and my sellers. I am grateful most of my client base has expressed a 5-star experience in working with me.

Clients often describe me as an experienced, heartfelt & professional real estate agent. It is my mission to personally walk you through each step of your Hawaii home-buying or home-selling experience on the island of Oahu.

In addition, my husband Ken and I own two construction companies, and we are avid real estate investors; this gives me extensive experience in renovations and knowledge of construction. With over 30 years of creative and in-depth marketing and sales experience, I always give all my clients 110% personal attention and winning enthusiasm. This is the reason why over 50% of my personal business comes from return clients and referrals.

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What my clients are saying...

I was very pleased to have experienced working closely with Michelle Wood of Gold Coast Realty. She was exceptionally caring, knowledgeable, and very instrumental in helping me sell my property. She has proven herself to be an empathic listener from the very beginning and her compassion has helped me sort through some challenging details involved in getting my property ready for sale.

In my particular case, I made the decision to sell my property very soon after my husband passed away. It wasnʻt an easy decision because the property was built by my husband as our “forever” family home, but I knew for certain that it was the right decision. I felt strongly that my son and I needed to make a big move to the mainland to start a new chapter in our lives. So at the time I was ready to work with a real estate agent, I knew I needed to work with someone who would have the understanding that I was emotionally vulnerable although I still had the capacity to make sound decisions. From the start Michelle listened empathically to my story and accepted the specific demands on how I would like to see the sale happened.

As an “emotional” seller, it was very imperative that I found a buyer who would really appreciate what my property has to offer. One of the first things I told Michelle was that I specifically wanted a buyer who intended to live on my property the way my family lived. I would not entertain a buyer who would potentially flip the property for profit or sectioned it off to create rental units. My house was custom-built with special design touches that it is quite unique.

Another wish that I had emphasized to her was that I needed my property to sell on a certain timeline. I knew it was a very tall order but Michelle embraced the challenge and promised to help find solutions to every challenge along the way so I can truly move on with my life. Her genuine desire to help was very touching as she continually showed me every time that she was there for me no matter what.

The pricing of the property was naturally important, but it was not as crucial. Michelle understood my wishes very well and she made sure that I was still getting a fair market price. She knew very well the strategy she needed to employ to best find the right buyer for my property in a short period of time without compromising the price.

Her team provided timely and complete sets of necessary documentations and really helped me understand every detail involved so I can make the most informed decisions along the way. Michelle and her team were very patient with me, who as a first time seller needed to be educated about the process every step of the way.

Michelle also has established relationships with many other real estate agents and escrow companies, which really helped move things along more smoothly. She tackled some obstacles related to permitting and constructions. She communicated any updates day and night as long as she can resolve any issues along the way. As a result, my property was sold to right buyer at the right price and exactly in the timeline I wished. The whole experience was nothing short of a miracle!

Bottom line, Michelle is someone who has gone above and beyond to help me not only sell my property but also help me truly move on with my life. I believe that she saved my life and my sonʻs life. Without her help and friendship, I would not be able to make the move to the mainland where I have been in the past month and where my son and I are enjoying our new adventure.

Michelle is more than deserving of this award. She is a blessing to many and she will help many more.

— Wiwik Bunjamin-Mau

Michelle and her team were absolutely amazing! Over the last 20 years I have purchased a home every time the Army has moved me and at this point can be quite picky when it comes to home buying. She was knowledgeable, patient, and supportive. She never tried to push any properties on me and never rushed my buying process. I highly recommend her and her team to anyone moving to Oahu!

— Ian Northrup