Waimea, West Side Kauai Real Estate

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This town of rolling hills and wide open plains was the landing place of the first European explorer, Captain Cook, in 1778. While some things have changed, much of the land is still used for agriculture today, and the buildings still tell stories of Kauai’s past. Paniolo, or cowboy, culture is seen in its vast tracks of underdeveloped land and red dirt that paints Waimea in rustic charm. The weather is mostly warm and dry, a contrast to the wetter tropical climates on other sides of Kauai. Waimea is famous for its canyon, which has been called the “grand canyon of the Pacific”. Views of the canyon from 4,000 feet of elevation are possible in Kokee state park. If you are interested in hiking, hunting, or camping, Waimea is the place to be. Kokee is home to over 45 miles of incredible hiking trails. Some descend into the canyon, others lead to multi tiered waterfalls, and some even take hikers to panoramic views of the Na Pali coastline. Kokee has a variety of campsites and cabins to lodge in, and wild boar and deer are hunted in season. If long stretches of sandy beaches are more your thing, then nearby Kekaha will not disappoint. Single family homes tend to be smaller here, and some listings include multiple homes on one property, offering CPR development opportunities.

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