Paukaa, Hilo Big Island Real Estate

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Paukaa encompasses just under half a mile of land north of Hilo between Wainaku and Papaikou. This peaceful community lies on the edge of the Pacific Ocean adjacent to Honolii Beach, lining Highway 19 to the east and west. Shoreline neighborhoods crown the cliffs above Honolii with panoramic views of the vibrant sunrises above Hilo Bay. Many homes around Paukaa’s main neighborhood enjoy partial or full ocean views and cool tropical breezes. At night, the soothing sound of waves meeting the shoreline can be heard from many homes.

Honolii is one of the best places to catch sunrises on the island’s east facing shores, and it is also renown for surfing and bodyboarding. The beach is a popular hangout on the weekends when residents gather to enjoy the waves or watch surfing from the lookout above. Homes in this region are either plantation-era one and two-story bungalows, or newer houses with large, covered decks. Honolii Stream winds through the dense inland rainforest before meeting the ocean; the narrow backroad and bridges that cross over it are popular with residents for running and biking. Amenities are available in Hilo, just a 7-minute drive away.

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