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Kanoe L. Lindsey-Soares


Born and raised in the heart of Waimea, I am a life-long resident of Hawaii. Growing up in this community has given me the experience and knowledge to help you find the perfect property; high and cool elevation, or low and warm; convenient in town or quiet in the country; by the ocean or a cascading stream. I will know and can help you.

I have numerous years of serving clients and being active in her community has given her the humility and wisdom to recognize how valuable it is to take care of each client, no matter how big or small the transaction.

I cherish the days I have on my 5-acre farm with my wonderful husband and three active, growing boys, farming vegetables, and raising chickens and goats. Nothing brings me more pleasure and peace of mind than working the land and helping it give us food for ourselves and friends. The whole family pitches in.

In my free time, I enjoy horseback riding, fishing, camping, or relaxing on one of the many beautiful beaches. There are so many ways to enjoy nature and the outdoors, Hawaii is a nature lovers paradise!

I feel very fortunate and grateful to be working with people I like and respect in a supportive fun atmosphere. I left a managerial position at US Airways and chose to become a real estate agent in order to share my experience, That and because I enjoy helping others to realize their dream of owning a home on the Big Island. If you are new to the Island, or a long time resident, I can help you make the Real Estate choice to best suit you.

Kanoe L.

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