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Jolanta Valencia


I was born and raised in Poland. I moved to NYC to earn an MBA degree in my 20s. Fascinated by busy city life I stayed for 14 years. I spent most of my career in various roles in the hospitality industry.

I came to the Big Island in 2016 as a volunteer for two months and never left. I fell in love with the island, people and Hawaiian culture.

I started working and living at Kalani Honua, a community and yoga retreat center as a volunteer coordinator and a manager on duty.

After the volcano eruption the retreat closed its door. I was inspired by Pele creation and reconnected with my passion for photography and beautifying spaces. I started working as a real estate photographer and a home consultant/inspector for Airbnb Plus and Airbnb Luxe.

The industry was affected by Covid-19
and I spent a quarantine time writing a book with my former coworker about a life in community. We published ‘In Touch with Kai Lani’ in 2020.

I joined Hawaii Life ‘Ohana in 2020 as a Property Manager and I got my real estate licence a few months later. Currently I am managing 34 vacation rentals and 6 long term rentals. Happy to be a part of this wonderful ‘Ohana.

Thank you so much!