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I am a husband, father, cyclist, sailor, paddler, surfer, runner, triathlete, and blogger. I enjoy ocean activities in and around Oahu, cycling both on and off the road, and traveling all over the world- ideally combining one or more of these activities when traveling. There really is no truer saying: to travel is to live!

After more than 8 years in Real Estate, I joined Hawaii Life. Their core values and HLMO rang true to my strong principles and beliefs of how to treat people and provide a valued service to my clients and friends: to be humble and empathetic, to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, and to strive for the best outcomes through smart negotiation and solid representation.

I live in Paoua Valley and enjoy the challenge of a fixer-upper. I have bought and sold many houses this way, and the outcome is always challenging and rewarding. Seeing a vision come to life before your eyes is certainly worth the effort, and there is nothing better than working hard to see a project through- even if it takes you to unexpected places! There is always something new to learn, which in turn sparks new ideas and creative ways to solve problems.

I am also a proud member of the Hawaii Life Military Specialized Team, have my MRP designation, and have helped military members from all five branches of service find their Hawaii home.

Let’s get together sometime and talk about your experiences, ideas, and thoughts about life on Oahu. We can talk story about how real estate fits in, and what your challenges are. I would love to share my experience and knowledge with you. Call me anytime at 808-687-1890.

John J

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