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Jeremy John Peckham


With over four decades of island residency and a passion for the picturesque
landscapes and vibrant communities of the Big Island, Jeremy Peckham’s love for
the area runs deep, and his understanding of its unique neighborhoods and local
culture sets him apart in the real estate industry.
Jeremy’s journey in real estate began in 2022 after successfully owning and
operating a thriving catering business in both California and the Big Island since
2001. Through his catering ventures, Jeremy honed his exceptional communication
and negotiation skills, ensuring his clients always received unparalleled service and
satisfaction. His dedication to providing an exceptional experience has seamlessly
transitioned into his real estate career.
As a longtime resident, Jeremy has witnessed the evolution of the Big Island's real
estate market firsthand. His extensive knowledge of the island's diverse
neighborhoods, schools, amenities, and investment opportunities equips him with
invaluable insights that benefit his clients' buying or selling decisions. Whether it's
a cozy family home, a luxurious beachfront property, or a promising commercial
space, Jeremy’s expertise guides his clients towards making informed choices that
align with their unique preferences and goals.
Jeremy’s personable and approachable nature has made him a favorite among
clients and colleagues alike. His clients appreciate his genuine interest in
understanding their needs, allowing him to tailor his services to meet their specific
requirements. Combining his friendly demeanor with his business acumen, Jeremy
forges strong and lasting relationships, earning the trust and loyalty of those he
Outside of his professional life, Jeremy remains an active member of the
community, participating in various charitable endeavors and community events.
He believes in giving back to the place that has given him so much over the years,
further solidifying his bond with the Big Island and its residents.
If you're seeking a real estate agent who blends local expertise with a passion for
delivering exceptional service, look no further than Jeremy Peckham. With his
years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the Big Island Jeremy is ready to
guide you on your real estate journey, making your dreams of owning a piece of
paradise a reality.

Jeremy John