Emily Meersand


With a decade-long passion for real estate, I bring a wealth of dynamic knowledge and expertise to my current role at Hawai’i Life here on O’ahu. My focus is on single-family homes, vacation homes, investment opportunities, and property management. From personal experience, I know that well informed real estate choices can lead to a better life—whether it's acquiring your dream home, an investment in cash flowing rental properties, or efficiently managing your rental portfolio.

When I think of the premier brokerage on the Hawaiian Islands, I think Hawai'i Life. When my husband Jordan and I decided to hang our real estate licenses with a brokerage, it was an obvious choice for us. I understand how important the right set of tools and marketing resources are in the realm of real estate. With Hawai’i Life, I have the most impressive local and global network at my fingertips, and with that, the means to turn my clients real estate aspirations into a reality.

For a while, I was serving as the Head of Real Estate Growth at a tech company. Throughout my career, I have spearheaded Sales, Growth, Training, and Support initiatives at various high-growth startups. Graduating cum laude from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Business-Economics and a minor in Finance and Accounting has provided me with a solid academic foundation.

I have been deeply involved in real estate investment as the co-founder of a syndicated investment fund with my husband Jordan. Our mission is to assist everyday investors in generating passive income through real estate, particularly emphasizing long-distance single-family investments. Currently, our fund owns and operates 56 units across the nation.

Outside the realm of real estate, business, and sales, I embrace the roles of a devoted mom and a yoga teacher and practitioner. Leading group classes and organizing surf and yoga retreats worldwide, I strongly advocate for a fulfilling life beyond the workplace, believing that personal fulfillment contributes to thriving success within professional spheres.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, ideas, or interests that you might have. I’d love to hear from you.

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