Yvonne Shen Rubes


Yvonne Shen Rubes was born in Shanghai, China and graduated from the Shanghai Foreign Trade Business College in 1985. In 1989 Yvonne went to Germany studying at the Berlin Technical University. In 1995 she came to Hawaii as a manager working for "Anina Fashion Clothing Company". In 1998, Yvonne started her own company, "Blue Whale Hawaii Clothing Company," designing and selling silk "Aloha-shirts" which were manufactured in China. In 2001, she became a homeowner and together with her husband, designed and built their own house.

Through her construction experience, Yvonne began her career as a real estate sales agent in 2003. Her experience and excellent knowledge of real estate marketing and home design & construction have helped many people realize their American dream. In 2008, Yvonne became a real estate broker and set up her own company, Hawaii International Properties. Her clients' best interest is always her No. 1 priority. Yvonne fluently speaks three languages: English, Chinese and German, and is able to help people from all over the world find their own home in paradise Hawaii.

Yvonne Shen Rubes

Yvonne 生于中国上海,1985年毕业于上海外贸学院经济系。1989年在德国柏林科技大学学习。1995年来到美国夏威夷从事时装的设计与销售。2001年与丈夫一起开始从设计到动手自建自己的房子,积累了房产方面的经验。2003年考取了房地产销售执照,通过5年的房产市场销售,帮助很多人实现了拥有一个属于自己房产的美国梦。2008年考取了房地产经纪人执照。近20年的房产销售经验和知识不断地丰富了Yvonne. 她总是以顾客的需要为己任。孜孜不倦地为客人提供房地产的市场信息,有关房产的知识等。并能用自己的母语中文和流利的英文为来自世界各地的华人和其他的买家,卖家提供最优秀的服务。如有需要,请联系

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