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Born and raised in Northwest Montana near Glacier Park and powering through long, cold winters, I had no idea that a tropical paradise as wonderful as Hawaii existed. After college, I bought a small commercial lighting business and ran it until the opportunity to move to Maui was presented to me. Immediately, the warm waters and cool trade winds had me hooked. I learned to snorkel and surf and knew Hawaii was my home. For business reasons, I returned to Montana, knowing that one day I would return. During this time, I met my wife who had the same dream to live out our days in warm weather. On one of our many vacations to Hawaii, we formulated a five year plan and wrote it on the back of a coconut to remind us every day that this was our future. Within six months, we threw caution to the wind and moved to the Big Island of Hawaii and have never looked back.

Deciding to just make it happen was scary but well worth it. I had to learn a lot of lessons the hard way and enjoy helping my clients so they don't have to start at zero. If I don't know the answer to a question, I know where to find it. It helps that I have the experience to help make the move easier for you. I love sharing my first hand knowledge including all the details that come along with moving to Hawaii, like bringing beloved pets, leaving loved ones behind, applying for a loan even when you aren't sure what your job here will be and buying an island home. Whether you need information on making the move and covering all your bases, buying a new home or land to build, or selling an existing Hawaii property, I have your best interest at heart. I look forward to working with you! Aloha!

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