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I started my real estate sales career in Hawaii in 1998. In 2002, I was hired to be a Broker-In-Charge for one of the largest companies in Hawaii. At the same time, I developed small scale condominium projects, home restorations, foreclosures and other projects.

After a few years of management, I resigned to focus on my practice, and went to work with Koa Properties (a company we've since acquired). I met my partner, Winston Welborn, who was running a marketing and design firm called Wasabi Design.

As the real estate market heated up in the mid-2000's, and as the industry's marketing and interactions moved increasingly online, I knew a better solution was needed to market and sell real estate. My partner, meanwhile, was frustrated with his few real estate clients who seemed reluctant to take the necessary steps to advance their online (and, in some cases, offline) marketing. He started the original incarnation of our website in 2004.

We formed Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers in June of 2008, and have enjoyed incredible growth and success since then. We have grown the company to over 200 brokers, agents, and employees across 10 offices in Hawaii. We've helped thousands of people buy and sell real estate. We serve the entire state, and are now one of the largest most successful firms in Hawaii. We've been acknowledged with various awards both in Hawaii and nationally for our work.

Along the way, I've served as the President of the Kauai Board of Realtors in 2012; on the Executive Committee of the Hawaii Association of Realtors in 2013; and I'm currently a member of five separate Realtor associations across Hawaii. I've served as an expert witness for real estate-related legal cases in Hawaii, and I currently serve as the Board Chair of the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust.

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