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My Philosophy: “I do as much as I can to make the process as simple as it can be for you."

Before joining Hawaii Life as a Realtor-Broker, Joey worked as an attorney in transactional real estate law in Illinois where he helped to close more than 1,500 transactions. He has reviewed countless title and inspection reports and has helped to close complex sales by both individuals and estates. While Joey does not work as an attorney at Hawaii Life, and does not provide legal advice to his Real Estate clients, he is licensed to practice law in both Hawaii and Illinois.

Joey is also proudly a Military Relocation Professional. His maternal grandfather served during World War II as an enlisted airplane mechanic, and retired from service as a Staff Sergeant of the USAAF. Joey has helped over 200 active military and veterans purchase and sell homes during his time in real estate law.

While Joey works as a Realtor at Hawaii Life, he applies his vast experience as an attorney towards ensuring that his contracts protect his clients, and he uses his industry knowledge to make sure that his transactions run smoothly. From Joey's unique legal real estate background, he is highly experienced in a multitude of transactions ranging from residential, to multifamily, to land transactions, to commercial and mixed residential-commercial properties. Joey is proud to be a member of the Dartmouth Lawyers Association. He is also an Associate Member of the International Council of Shopping Centers, which focuses on issues in commercial and investment land deals.

Joey earned his BA in Geography at Dartmouth College, and he graduated in the top 4% of his class at the University of Illinois Chicago Law School, which he attended as a "Distinguished Scholar" on a full tuition plus stipend scholarship.

Joey also worked under a Federal Magistrate Judge in Chicago, IL for 2 years drafting legal analyses and crafting multiple judicial training and reference guides. He has also worked as an Adjunct Law Professor at UIC School of Law where he taught contract analysis and legal analysis to first year law students.

Joey holds multiple real estate licenses: He is a Managing Real Estate Broker in Illinois (a designation that does not exist in Hawaii) and a Real Estate Broker in Hawaii. He is also a member of the Residential Real Estate Council. Joey has a Real Estate Investing Certification and Luxury Homes Certification from the RRC. Joey and his father (collectively known as the Law Office of Franklin J Furlett) was just named as "2022 Best Probate Lawyer in Schaumburg, IL" by Expertise .com.

Joey has an academic background in flood mapping, geologic surveying, and architectural history. He has been involved in numerous home and business restoration projects, and he provides advice on investments, home flips, and restorations. Joey is a data-driven Realtor who uses his legal and geographic analytical knowledge to help buyers and sellers find the right properties and sell at the right prices.

When Joey isn't doing real estate work, he is usually doing distance and uphill unicycling (yup, that's not a typo, he rides around on one wheel). If you ever see a really tall and rather skinny guy riding around on the largest unicycle tire you have ever seen, that it probably him!

*Not practicing as an attorney in his role at Hawaii Life.

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