Dinka Bojanova


Competent, pleasant, and meticulous, Dinka offers a connoisseur service for those looking for an authentic real estate experience on Kauai. Devoted professional empowered by diverse knowledge, Dinka delivers vibrant and seamless sales transactions for Buyers and Sellers on Kauai and the Hawaiian Islands. Her unique signature is placed on the most anticipated real estate trend today- Biophilic home that serves your health. Transforming a newly purchased home into a wellness dreamland is a talent that quickly sets her apart.

Former Los Angeles resident, Dinka employs over ten years of experience and $2.3 B in commercial real estate transactions, dealing with sales and acquisitions of luxury hotels, apartment buildings, and retail centers. Consulting with industry legends such as Horst Schultze, Ritz Carlton's creator and his new brand Cappella Hotels, and Alan Fuerstman, the founder of Montage Hotels, naturally refined her luxury nous. Dinka's innate sense of elegance and extensive experience in high-end hotels adds an unforeseen perspective to this desirable lifestyle.

As an ex-professional athlete and a published health author, she loves to share her knowledge for the benefit of her clients and friends. It is easy for her to spot an opportunity to apply the concept of 'best health use' to a designated space and improve the home fundamentals for a healthy lifestyle.

The artist's side reveals a fascination about unseen dimensions of life, made visible in her abstract compositions of oil and gesso on canvas. It is her favorite form of meditation when not running the magical trails on Kauai. Fortified with twenty years of local knowledge, you are well-advised to align yourself with a real estate professional who focuses on reduced exposure and maximized value. Dinka's fun personae and a solid understanding of real estate, healthy living, and love for art make the house hunting experience one to remember.

Do some good, make someone happy and be grateful!
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What my clients are saying...

I have known Dinka for nearly twenty years and I would count her as one of my very best friends. That alone says volumes. She has a sterling character. Honest, trustworthy, loyal, responsible, and caring. She has a keen business mind and a very engaging intellect. She is a gifted and exceptional artist, author and inventor. Am happy and proud to say that I know this woman. She has a crown of way more then five stars! Aloha, Bill Hamilton

— Bill Hamilton

Dinka was very pleasant and easy throughout the process. I purchased land on Molokai. She has a great attitude and lights up a room with her smile. Devoted professional who cares - I highly recommend and will work again in the future. The Aloha spirit shines through everything she does.

— Jim Ciletti