Nam Le Viet


Nam Le Viet is a gentleman and real estate professional living in the most beautiful place on earth, Maui. An articulate and thoughtful individual, Nam has been a Maui real estate professional since 2003. Collaboratively assisting and working with his wife, Mary Anne Fitch, in the sale of numerous properties, together they have closed over $480,000,000 in real estate transactions during his tenure. His path to becoming a successful Maui realtor has been unique and rich with personal and professional triumphs and experiences.

A 1991 graduate of the Engineering School of the State of Vaud in Switzerland, Nam, a Swiss citizen, began his professional career working with Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in Lausanne and Geneva in a variety of roles including software support engineer, senior trainer and sales engineer. Nam's professional responsibilities included the design, implementation and support of various network-oriented solutions for large multi-million dollar accounts including major Swiss banks, Michelin, Swisscom and Nestlé. In 1995, this multi-lingual professional who speak French, German, Italian and English, was among the top 5 Windows-based technology trainers in the French-speaking region of Switzerland. He was instrumental in helping to expand DEC's market share of its strategic Digital Learning Services, known today as Global Knowledge.

Although skilled and experienced in the craftsmanship of designing and implementing networked systems, Nam's abilities reach far beyond the "computer terminal" to impact his client's businesses in dramatic and meaningful ways. As a Compuware senior sales engineer, his sales team closed multi-million dollar transactions with several strategic clients. His innovative and creative approach in technological sales resulted in his recognition as a leader within Computerware's European division. He received accolades for supporting the division's largest software sales generated in 1999. He attributes his accomplishments simply to "meeting the needs of his clients".

Nam's love of Maui is second only to the love of his life, Mary Anne. And it's this very love that brought him to Maui. He met his future wife in 2000 on a Maui vacation and quickly fell in love with her and then the Valley Isle. Immediately realizing where his life should be, he secured a series of career roles that brought him closer to Mary Anne and Maui. A convenient 5-hour plane ride from Maui, he assumed a Product Manager role for a San Francisco based start up company. This role included working with clients and business associates globally located around the world. This was a natural fit for he excelled at multi-tasking across several levels and interfacing with a variety of people from different cultures. This is a skill that would prove instrumental in his future career as a real estate professional. He relocated to Maui permanently in 2003 and started his successful ascension into the real estate community.

But it is not always about the work. Nam is a passionate and compulsive world traveler and on occasion, he will enjoy a round of golf. He has lived in 3 countries and visited more than 55. His appreciation for the beauty and wonderment of Maui is not only genuinely heart felt but well informed.

Nam's professional creativity is not only found in his body of work but also in his personal passions. And he constantly lends his talents for the betterment of his community and others. As a classically trained pianist starting at the age of 5, Nam studied piano at the Lausanne Conservatory and orchestra conducting at the Geneva Conservatory. He developed the technological infrastructure for Maui Preparatory Academy. This is West Maui's newest grade school and college prep school and a personal favorite volunteer project of the Le Viets.

Nam's style of service is best characterized as professional, objective and distinctive. He leverages his technological approach and serves his clients in a manner that isn't sales but rather consultative driven. Allow Nam the opportunity to serve you in all areas of your Maui real estate needs.