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3 Phases of Moving to Maui

When first moving to Maui you may feel as though you’re living a fantasy. You’ll relax on the beach, snorkel with sea turtles and hike as many trails as you can. After several months this dream world of vivid colors and picturesque landscapes may begin to feel commonplace. Years later, Maui will feel like a normal place to call home, albeit, a very good place. If you’re considering moving to what many view as the best island in the world, here’s what you might expect…

Phase 1 - Honeymoon

Whether you wanted a slower pace of life or grew tired of shoveling snow in the winter, you’ve made the move to Maui. Aloha and welcome! For the next few months you will feel like the luckiest person in the world. You’ll be thrilled that you can go to beach whenever you want, golf year-round and spend every day enjoying the same activities that tourists travel thousands of miles to experience. You send photos to your friends and family, bragging when it’s 80 degrees in February. Yes, life is good on Maui, but this phase does end.

Phase 2 - Transition

Once the honeymoon phase of moving to Maui ends, the island life becomes more normal. You no longer go the beach as often and start missing your extended family, previous home, or the changing seasons. You understand that many things are more expensive on Maui and question whether it’s worthwhile. It’s during this phase when many people decide whether they’re suited for island life.

Phase 3 - Appreciation

Once you’ve made it through phase 2, this is where you begin to appreciate the little things. You drive to work admiring the vast ocean to your left and towering mountains on your right. While experiencing a minor traffic jam you laugh to yourself recalling what many “mainlanders” experience during their daily commute. Stepping out of a department store you see sun rays beaming through the clouds and stop to smile. Reminding yourself that it's below freezing in many parts of the country, you accept that while Maui isn’t perfect, it’s a wonderful place to call home.

How to Make the Transition Easier

The greatest challenge for many people when moving to Maui is finding a place to live. Over the past few years it’s become increasingly difficult to find a suitable long-term rental, especially as a newcomer. Property values are also on the rise. It can be a tough pill to swallow seeing what $400K can buy you in Kihei compared to a home in Des Moines. Then again, you get what you pay for. Single family homes and affordable living for the working class are also in high demand. There are, however, developments currently being built and sold that will help with this demand. Take for example Kamalani (2-bedroom for under $400K) or Kalama Kai (3-bedroom for under $500K) condos in Kihei. In Central Maui see Kamani at Kehalani (3-bedroom townhomes from the low $500s) or Kealohilani at Kehalani (3-bedroom houses under $700K). If you choose to buy a new home on Maui, use a Realtor. Our services come at no cost to you as the buyer and will make the process much easier. While new construction has its own perks, there's nothing like living walking distance from world-class beaches.  Located in South Maui, Wailea offers huge multi-million-dollar homes, along with condos for under a million.  Keeping in mind location and value, check out this beachfront complex at Wailea Ekahi.

Learn more about Maui real estate

If you’re Moving to Maui and would like to learn more about the moving process, call or e-mail me. Currently planning your move and would like to learn what real estate is currently on the market? Contact me. Already live on Maui and ready to take the next step by purchasing your first Maui home? I’m available. I live by the golden rule and treat my clients as people in need of a service versus a transaction in need of a close. "Mahalo for reading and enjoy the sunshine!"

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