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Bryan B Joffe


Born and raised in Buffalo NY, to say Bryan is far from home might be an understatement. For him this is nothing new.

After graduating from the University of Florida, Bryan headed north for New York City. While working as a server downtown at the South Street Seaport, and always wanting to work in the financial markets, he then landed a job on Wall Street. Working as an Interest rate derivatives sales trader, he joined a group specializing in Latin America. During the next 13 years based in New York City, he traveled extensively throughout the Latin American region working with local institutions while servicing his American, Canadian and European bank clients trading currencies in those markets. During his finance career Bryan has managed relationships, facilitated trades, and advised his clients in their decision making processes in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Argentina and Peru.

Having achieved his goals and having built lifelong relationships, he left the financial markets to explore more creative and entrepreneurial ventures. Shortly after, Bryan leased an empty storefront and opened an intimate neighborhood bar and café on his favorite block. The aesthetic, music and menu bring friends back to their favorite little meeting room in Greenwich Village still today.

Where he had been pouring his heart into his work, a window to the future opened. He met his wife Lyla, who lived in the apartment upstairs. Both avid travelers and nomadic by nature, they discussed an ideal island life in their very first meeting. Adhering to that initial exchange, they made their way to Maui after marrying at City Hall in Manhattan, NY.

Now on Maui, Bryan is diving head on into the real estate market, constantly researching and looking for opportunities to offer his diverse clientele. The ability to help someone successfully always stems from a true understanding of who they are and what they need. Bryan most values the interpersonal relationship and bond shared in achieving a goal.

“It is an honor to utilize my work ethic, professional background, global perspective and life experience to help you find your ideal Hawai’i Life.”

Bryan B
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