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In today’s world knowing how to live in the present moment is key to living a happy stress free life and it’s so easy. With non-invasive tools such as yoga and meditation, you will be on the right path to feel the gifts of the “present.”

Yoga is one of my passions. I have been teaching yoga and meditation for over 22 years now and I invented the illustrated Seyoga yoga towels, written yoga books and so much more. That is why I have the knowledge to share this powerful 5000-year-old physical and mental wellness information with you.

Are You Interested in Trying Yoga?

Here is a general overview of what you can expect in yoga for beginners. Yoga is an exercise where a person performs a series of poses that improve flexibility, inner strength, and a peaceful mind. There are many different types of yoga each with its own style and emphasis on different poses, the basic premise is the same across the board.

You should wear loose or form fitting clothing. The main emphasis of yoga is improving flexibility and building strength. Form fitting and loose clothing will help to facilitate your yoga needs perfectly. As a beginner, you will want to find a studio or gym to start practicing yoga. Almost all major gyms offer classes in power yoga. Power yoga is a style that focuses on cardiovascular training. Do not be afraid to take the first step. Enroll in a class of yoga for beginners

If you cannot afford or find the time to travel to a gym, you may want to look into attending a yoga ashram. Ashrams are retreats where you can learn the basic skills and philosophy of yoga. After attending an ashram, you will be able to properly practice yoga from the comfort of your home.

You will also need a mat and a yoga towel. When purchasing a mat, you will want to make sure the mat is thick enough for to suit your comfort level. It is also important to make sure the mat is long enough for your height. Each mat is different, so you should do some shopping around and find the one that is best for you.

Yoga is often a great way to ease back into working out. It is by no means an easy exercise, but it is a great starting point to begin getting back into shape. It is not just about exercise and working out. It is about relieving stress and syncing the body and the mind.

Many classes simultaneously teach yoga and lead meditation. Often yoga is only viewed as an exercise and a means of getting into shape. Meditation and yoga go hand in hand, and it is much more fulfilling when practiced along with meditation. Meditation puts the mind at ease and prepares the body for yoga. When the body and mind coincide it is a beautiful thing.

Get that peace of mind and body you’ve always wanted!

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More on Meditation:

Do you have trouble getting in the right state of mind before or during meditation? Is the stress of your day corrupting your focus as you desperately try to meditate? For centuries, many civilizations have turned to incense as an aid to these problems. Incense is thought to put the mind at ease and clear bad or harmful energy from your presence.

Incense is also believed to lead to improved health and disposition. In this sense, it is very similar to aromatherapy. Though I would recommend lavender or jasmine for soothing the mind and facilitating meditation, I also believe that each person should find the incense find best suited for their needs. For example, I find sage to be the catalyst I need to put my mind and body in the tranquil state I need for meditation.

Here are a few things you may want to avoid when choosing your incense:

  • Your incense should not be coated in any toxic chemicals. As long the incense you choose has no toxic chemicals, it will purify your area or room.
  • The incense you choose should not be made from “punk” sticks. Punk sticks are usually a sign of cheaply produced incense and often irritate the nasal and throat passages. They are also known to cause headaches.

Incense helps to improve the spiritual atmosphere of your meditation area. Just as candles make can turn a bedroom into a romantic getaway, incense can transform your living room into a tranquil rainforest. Once the scent of your favorite incense hits your nostrils, you will be overwhelmed by a feeling of peace.

Meditation is important in living a healthy stress-free lifestyle. Incense can be very helpful, if not essential, for those of us who have trouble focusing our minds and bodies before mediation.

As long as you do just a little yoga and meditation each day is better than not doing anything. Self-mastery, mastery of your mind and thoughts, is a powerful gift you can explore to enhance your life now.

If you have any questions, I am here for you.


Satori Ebedes

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