The Exclusive Club That is Maui

Aloha, I’m Katy and I want to present you with this challenge if you are on the fence at all about buying real estate in Maui today.

Hawaii Life’s Principal Broker, Matt Beall, was sitting down with me recently. We were discussing, of course, real estate. He remarked, “Think of it like this, Maui is an exclusive club, and you have to get past the bouncer to be a part of it.”

Wow, what a great analogy! It left me contemplating the power of this so-called bouncer, this doorman that stands guard between your self-declared dream and the ensuing commitment to buy property in Maui.

Getting past the bouncer! So… here goes with the dare, more of a ponderance, for you.

What is that Proverbial Bouncer in Your Life?

Is it one of the three Fs….Finances? Family obligations? Fear?

Or are you trying to time the market?

We know that looking back on market cycles, housing prices over time continue to climb. Here’s a map showing percent change in home prices from 1991 to 2022, at a staggering national average of 290.2% with Hawaii at 269.1%. This map shows percent change in home prices from 1991 to 2022, at a staggering national average of 290.2% with Hawaii at 269.1%. The message is — and we all have heard it and likely said it ourselves — “I should have bought 30 years ago!” It was the bouncer who kept you from the door!

map of percent change in home prices

In that vein, will you look back 5 years from now and think, “I wish we’d bought a property in Maui!” Conversely, will you say, “thank goodness we bought that property in Maui in 2023!”

Here’s why 2023 may be a great year for you.

Lawrence Yun, NAR’s Chief Economist, Predicts a Strong Rebound in Housing in 2024

There remains continued optimism in the housing market on a national level. Housing inventory is at a historical low. Comparatively, this is also true of Maui where the drive remains particularly strong between high demand and low supply. The Chief Economist for the National Association of Realtors just addressed the NAR at the annual convention of Realtors in Orlando and anticipates a strong rebound in housing by 2024.

Barry Habib is an American entrepreneur, mortgage industry executive, bestselling author, and founder and CEO of MBS Highway. He notes household growth exceeds housing completions. “Opportunity is all around us — look at the data. The conclusion has to be, this is the time!”

barry habib real estate presentation

Take a moment and ponder what might be the “bouncer at the door” for you? Trust me, because this may prove to be an ‘aha’ moment. Interestingly, the doorman’s function of “selecting who can have entry” is literally in your hands.

Can you get past your personal bouncer?

Now then, how can I help with that?

tropical flower in hawaii

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