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Have you ever considered living in a townhome? There are now more of them in the urban core of Honolulu.  Townhomes offer a perfect mix of a single family home and a condo, and Honolulu homebuyers have been very receptive to the new opportunities. It is often thought that to live in the city, one has to give up space and privacy, but that’s no longer the case. Choosing to live in a townhouse allows the owners to experience the convenience of city living, with features that are typically more in line with a house, like a private garage.

Collection Townhomes in Honolulu

The Collection Townhomes in Kakaako, Honolulu.

Honolulu Townhomes – Location Is Everything

Townhomes are not new to Honolulu, but they are fairly new to the urban core of the city, mainly Kakaako and Ala Moana neighborhoods, where most of the development is currently taking place. Although city living is not for everyone, there is a large segment of the population that is now trading in single family homes and properties to live closer to restaurants, stores, the beach, social events, and the conveniences of urban living. Driving is becoming secondary. People are growing tired of having to drive everywhere, and more and more are choosing to live in neighborhoods where the car is not needed for everyday living. Hence the popularity of Ward Village in Kakaako.

Waiea Townhouses

Waiea Townhomes at Ward Village in Kakaako.

Kakaako in Honolulu

The Kakaako neighborhood has three new townhome developments. In all three of these residences, buyers have the option of purchasing a condo or a townhome, subject to availability.

The Collection Townhomes

  • Offer private rooftop decks
  • Private garages
  • 3 stories
  • Close to downtown Honolulu
  • Close to restaurants
  • Low maintenance fees. The Collection townhome owners do not have access to the amenities area that is a part of the of The Collection condos.

The Waiea Townhomes

  • Private pools in backyard
  • Private garages
  • 2 story living
  • Access to all amenities offered with the Waiea condos
  • Across from Ala Moana Beach Park and Kewalo Harbor
  • In Ward Village — close to restaurants, groceries, movies theatre, and shopping

The Anaha Townhomes 

  • Private garages
  • 2 stories
  • Access to all amenities offered with the Anaha condos
  • In Ward Village — close to restaurants, groceries, movies, and shopping
  • Close to Ala Moana Beach Park

Ala Moana in Honolulu

Park Lane Residences

  • Private yards and garages with various floorplans
  • Single level residences
  • Although not typical townhomes, Park Lane Ala Moana residences offer privacy similar to single family homes
  • Access to ultra luxury amenities
  • Private access to grocery store, restaurants, and Ala Moana Center
  • Across from Ala Moana Beach Park

Diamond Head in Honolulu

La Pietra Townhomes

  • At the base of Diamond Head crater
  • 2 story living
  • Private yards
  • Gated community with Security guard
  • Community Pool
  • Close to Kapiolani Beach Park and Beach

NOTE: ⇒ ⇒ There are only a few Honolulu townhomes for sale available per development. Contact Kinga Mills, RA, Hawaii Life for additional information and availability. 808-722-3985 |

Maintenance Fees

Maintenance fees vary per townhouse community. Some townhomes in Honolulu are in stand alone communities, and some are part of larger projects that may have a condo tower as part of the development. Access to amenities, and what is included in the maintenance fee, will all make a difference in the maintenance cost.

For example, The Collection Townhomes, are part of The Collection project, which includes the townhomes and condos, but owners of the townhomes don’t have access to the amenities, like condo owners do. This, in turn, lowers their monthly maintenance fees.

Rooftop deck

Rooftop deck at the Collection Townhomes in Kakaako.


The appeal of townhomes in Honolulu is largely due to a combination of a great location, and the desire for privacy. Townhomes often have private yards, private garages, and separate entrances that single family homes have, which fulfills the privacy requirement. Depending on the development, some yards are fully maintained as part of the maintenance agreement, and some are the owners’ responsibility. Living in a desirable location, and having privacy similar to that of single family homes, is what draws people to these types of residences.

Charis in yard

Cozy backyard at the La Pietra Townhomes in the Diamond Head neighborhood of Honolulu.


Today’s homeowners are looking to simplify their lives. They often travel or own multiple homes in various locations around the world. The ability to “lock and go” is often one of the top must-have items when shopping for a new residence. Unlike a single family home which has to be looked after, and at the very least, has to have the landscaping taken care of, townhouses can offer peace of mind while the owners are away. Townhomes in Honolulu that are located in gated or secure developments have an added layer of security. While nothing is ever 100% guaranteed, townhouse owners can feel more relaxed about leaving their properties unattended while they travel or live in other areas of the world.


Anaha Townhome with contemporary kitchen and a spacious design. 2 story living with private garages. Ward Village, Kakaako.


The new townhomes in Honolulu have some fun and exclusive features.

  • Rooftop decks and kitchens
  • Private garages and entrances
  • Private pools
  • Yard/pool maintenance
  • Concierge services
  • Access to amenities that include pools, guest suites, golf simulators, sand volleyball/tennis courts, catering kitchens, and private movie theaters
  • Security gates and staff

Pool at the Waiea townhome

Private pools at the Waiea townhomes. Ward Village in Kakaako.

While I only mentioned a few of the townhomes that are closest to the urban core of Honolulu, there are many other popular townhomes around the city. They come in different sizes and price ranges and are a great option for many home buyers. Hawaii Kai, may be a little further, but also has a nice share of great townhomes and waterfront living.

For help in finding a great townhome, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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