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“Bridging a healthy lifestyle by changing your environment.”- Satori

Living in Hawaii is truly a stress-free environment. Everywhere you look you are memorized by the beauty and your inner bliss factor awakens.

For me living in the present moment is #1 in reducing my stress, especially in the real estate world, deep breathing, and an inner knowing that all will be well. Striving to make my clients happy is easy with my calm personality, and I thrive under pressure.

Stress in Our Modern Lives

At some point in our lives, we will all encounter a big nasty pile of continuous stress. You know those periods where everything you do seems to make everything more complicated, especially with Covid-19 affecting us all. It is like you are riding some high-speed stress train. The next stop is “Going Postal,” a destination created to destroy your future goals, ruin your job, relationships, and even your desire to get out of bed. If you are at a point where you realize a never-ending struggle with stress has only lead to an ever-increasing intense and frequent cycle of more stress, then it may be time for you to apply new methods to combat your stress problems with more effective all-natural stress relief techniques.

With a simple observation, you will notice many people around you are able to experience higher levels and more frequent degrees of stress. By comparison, you will witness that the present economic times have caused more and more people to experience the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual effects of a huge increase in stress. It is no wonder that stress is the number one health problem in America today according to the American Institute of Health.

One of the largest contributors to the rise in stress is the pressure we hold in from our jobs. Today, one of the most stressful challenges to our work environment is the fact that “job security” has little basis in employment reality. Many other factors such as divorce, family and financial strains have greatly contributed to the steady climb in stressful family pressures.

Consider the “Leave it to Beaver” family model, where a father works and a mother stays at home while looking after the children. This is now a concept of a past gone era. At present most men and women need to work just to keep up with the bills. Our perfect twenty-first century life with all our technological gadgetry has forced us to evolve with an increasingly complicated world or be consumed by it.

meditation because some questions cant be answered by google

We are dependent on smartphones, wireless internet, iPods, global positioning systems, and every sort of home and garden appliance designed, to make our lives easier. In spite of all this stuff, we still feel we are losing social ground because we do not have the latest high-density television.

How Stress Manifests in the Body

Stress can manifest itself into all sorts of long-term physical issues. The list of ailments is quite real like; insomnia, headaches, muscle tension, stomach, and heart problems. Left untreated these stress-related symptoms can become the root cause of more serious forms of chronic illness including many issues and disorders associated with relationships, eating, breathing, reproductive systems, immunity, growth, emotions, and phobias. Yeah, pretty crazy to realize that learning to chill out with effective stress relief techniques can increase awareness, help manage stressful encounters and actually keep you healthy, happy, and alive.

I do not know about you but I like to; feel in control, have a sense of humor, be actively involved with family, friends, avoid things like road rage, conflicts, arguments, domestic violence, frequent job changes, and drugs. By learning to implement natural stress techniques you can have more positive energy and reduce the effects of any negative encounters.

Natural Stress Reliefs

Any proven natural stress relief technique should include tips and instructions on yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, aromatherapy, and music. One of the best features of a natural stress relief technique is it can enable you to prevent stress before it begins by creating awareness and developing a personal winning strategy.

I hope this blog will assist you in taking the next step by improving your lifestyle, one day at a time.

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Satori Ebedes
Realtor (S)

About the Author

Satori Ebedes

Satori Ebedes is a REALTOR Salesperson with Hawai'i Life. Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical and expecting more than others think is possible. Satori understands that real estate is more than just a transaction, it’s a life changing experience here in Hawaii. She takes great pride in the relationships she builds and always works persistently on clients behalf to assist them achieve their real estate goals through her exceptional and personalized service. With two decades of experience, Satori specialized in the high end luxury real estate market in South Florida, property management and vacation rentals. Satori migrated west from South Africa over 20 year ago to South Florida, through Sedona and ultimately settled down on the Big Island of Hawaii, where she fell in love with the “Aloha Spirit”. She has also travelled to over 15 countries and brings a global perspective that guides her to unite the gap in the diverse real estate market in Hawaii. On her journey she has discovered how important it is to bridge a healthy lifestyle by living in a beautiful environment. Satori is focused on luxury lifestyle properties and her motto is “One Life”. You can email me at or via phone at (808) 333-2127.

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