Amber Haley


I didn’t always have the life I have today. My weekends weren't always spent hiking waterfalls, surfing waves and cracking open coconuts. One day I took a trip to the Big Island of Hawai'i and my life changed forever. I knew pretty quickly that I had found my forever home, and made the leap to island living.

Marine mammals are a passion of mine and I used to work in ocean education, conservation and animal training. I am a budding photographer, local blogger, YouTuber and outdoor adventurer. I met my husband (and fellow Hawaii Life agent!) Michael Haley, while we were with a renowned environmental organization in 2008. We have been working together creatively ever since. I have founded multiple businesses and take pride in being a female entrepreneur. In 2013, I began my career in real estate, where I specialize in modern marketing.

Today you will usually find me drinking a big cup of Kona coffee, laptop out, working on my lanai. I am constantly looking for new and creative ways to serve my clients. I bought my dream home on the Big Island and it is my privilege and joy to help others do the same. With my marketing and technology skills I bring innovation and fresh ideas to the Big Island, Hawai'i real estate market. If I can help you buy or sell your home, or even just inspire your life in some little way… then I’ll consider it all a job well done.

Hawai'i Life is my greatest adventure. Can I help you find yours?

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